S-class Multi-Tool

Hey guys!

I don’t know if I am asking this under the right topic, so my apologies in advance Devilin.

It’s been 5 years that I am playing No Man’s Sky, and I never EVER, found an S Class Multi tool.

I would reaaally appreciate if you guys could drop me a portal adress in order to find one.

I really tried everything I must be cursed!

Cheers travellers!


Hi @arpoja
Finding an ‘S’ class multitool is tricky. Most systems spawn multitools of varying class . However the chances of finding the one in the style you like, in an ‘S’ class are minimal.

In the modern incarnation of NMS, I’ve settled on finding a decent ‘A’ class multitool. This is much more common & can then be upgraded at any normal (non-pirate) space station at the weapons vendor.
Yes, it involves paying for upgrades to slots and class but it feels better than reloading 100 times in the hope an ‘S’ will spawn for you.

There are various ways you can ‘farm’ nanites to speed up the process.

Maybe someone else has a better option…I’m happy to be corrected.



thank you a 1000 times for your response.

OF COURSE! I forgot that you can upgrade them to S in space stations!!

Thanks a lot, I will start searching for a decent A!


@arpoja : I have moved you request for help over here :wink:

Besides just upgrading what you have, did you know you can sort of farm a MT?

It all comes down to finding a good cabinet with high class, preferably an S-class. Once you do, you can check the system pool of MTs available, while the class of the cabinet usually stays the same.

So lets say you find a nice S-class cabinet MT on a space station, you can then see what else you may get. You visit one of the planets, you save and reload there (anywhere), to then return to the cabinet on the Space Station. The MT should then have changed to that planet’s MT, keeping the same class. You can repeat this with the other planets, to see what they would then offer upon return to the Space Station.

I bet there are other ways too, but this is the easiest way to go about ‘farming’ once you find high class cabinet.


Woo ho ho ho !! Thank you Devilin!! :melting_face:

I didn’t know that trick!!
Was that possible back in the time? mmh…
I really have to re-learn everything!

Can’t wait to test it out!



You might find this video a help …

Also, YouTube has other videos with portal address of S Class multitools.

Lastly, the NMS Coordinate Exchange has entries for multitools in varied galaxies



Clem, thank you !