Multi-Tools & Upgrades (legal)

Ok. A Black Market thread has begun. Let’s save this thread for legal MTs and upgrades, :smile:


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I haven’t found a scanner blackmarket tech, but I have found them for boltcaster, mining beam, exosuit shield, movement, hazard protection, photon cannon and ship shield.

Having S-class upgrades already, most of these fell short, except the hazard protection and a rare drop for exosuit shield. The rare exosuit shieldwas a little better than the standard S-class upgrade and the hazard protection gives you % towards every hazard class. In this, I have found 3 with varying %s.


Just picked up a MT expansion slot upgrade unit from a Manufacturing Facility (the ones you blast your way into)


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I have found 2 MT expansions digging up buried caches. They seem to be quite rare given that’s 2 out of several dozen/low hundreds.


I found this Experimental Multi-Tool :grinning:



Nice its one of the first things I did in Origins. - upgrade multitool class. I had an A class max slots

I had saved up 50k+ nanites and its the one thing in all my gamplay since 2016 I have never found an S class multitool in game…weird…for that matter neither have I ever found an S class freighter since 2016…

anyway apart from my lack of NMS playing skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i really liked I could update the multitool - mainly 2 - one for on planet mining with some defense, and 1 for offensive/derelict freighter [desolation] missions


With so many things packed into Origins, this has slipped under the radar. It was something a lot of people asked for but everyone is still oohhhing and aaahhhhing over all the other goodies. :smiley:

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