Comforting Recoil II MT


Can anyone confirm if this has been found in S class since the update? I only seem to be able to find A Class after checking all the coms.


@Bcnuby I have added the ‘sub category’ Atlas Rises v1.3 to your topic, as your question is more specifically aimed at the current update for NMS.


If you’ve already gone to the location and it isn’t there try reloading your save and checking again. The seed for Multi-tools hasn’t been changed since launch. So it should still be there.


The location it was in before the update is now a transmission tower so reloading wont help much lol but thank you for the help


The seed for the Multi-tool should be the same across that whole planet. See if you can find another outpost.


That’s what I’m doing currently, Besides the 20-30 outpost with coms i went to i’ve also gone to 50-60 non marked outposts and only find B’s and A’s but if i find it i’ll make sure to mark it and post it.