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This topic is to discuss multi-tools in Beyond.

Feel free to post your finds here!
If possible, add the location as well, I am sure others may wish to check it out :wink:

Some external sources:

NMS Coordinate Exchange (Reddit)

A whole lot of posts here, mostly pc, but ps4 too.
Search wisely, for example:

Multi-tool Catalogue (Gamepedia)

Currently from The Abyss update (will likely update)
Not a whole lot, but you never know what you’ll find …

The Portal Repository

All kinds of ships, tools, planets and whatnot, on different platforms …

Atlas Codex

All kinds of ships, tools, planets and whatnot, on different platforms …



Guess ill keep looking.

On a similar topic, I’ve been looking for a new multi-tool because mine only has 13 slots.

I’ve looked on 20+ planets and space stations, but no luck.

Is there a method to finding new multi-tools that works well?

I’ve got 8 million bucks burning a hole in my wallet! Lol


All of the multi-tool and ship address repositories are from before BEYOND. They may or may not still be accurate. Feel free to check them.


And my budget is currently just a couple hundred grand, but I keep finding 24-slot rifles costing upward of three million, so I’m still using my dinky starting tool. That’s just the way it goes…


I just revisited the sites of 2 S class experimentals I discovered and theyre now A & B class :frowning:

The one that’s now B class had a couple percent lower damage than the one that’s now A class… wondering if adding modules might affect class or if they’re permanently nerfed at that location?

Or of course maybe they’ve upped the damage rate and reclassified them accordingly…


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As you’ve dscovered the multi-tools appear on the space stations. They also appear in the minor dwellings on the surface of a planet.

If you have an exocar use their scanner to look specifically for dwellings. Otherwise use the hit and miss approach of the signal booster with or without navigation data.

However now there is also the NPC Cartographer, that can seemingly also send you to minor dwellings. I have been sent twice by the Cartographer to a minor dwelling with a shop and multi-tool.

If you look at more than just one minor dwelling then you increase or decrease odds of finding a better or worse multi-tool. You can keep track of the location of the dwellings by screenshots of the coordinates or use a signal beacon to return.

I read somewhere that there are different multi-tools on each planet in a system. The last planet you leave from will likely show a variation of that tool from that planet the next time you reload and visit the space station weapon vendor. That may be a way of ‘forcing’ the tool you like the look of. But not as much fun :slight_smile:


A Rifle and 2 Aliens


I’m still searching for the Alien “Lipstick” S-class MT that I have on a couple other characters (older legacy saves).


Even after the 3xperimental patch, the Incinerator is still equipped on some MT. Notice the damage potential on this thing.

It shakes the whole screen as I use it. Less like a flamethrower and more like it is firing balls of fire.


Interesting note: works well against things planet-side. Not so well on the scurrying monstrosities on the derelict freighters


Thats interesting . I thought it was going to become widely available as a new weapon type best suited for derelict freighters infestations eg as per the movies like Alien.


Well, I do not have any upgrades on it so…maybe it just isn’t reaching full potential yet.


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