For Freighter/Frigate Fans

where do you guys find the salvage modules to pay for the freighter updates? I haven’t found a single one yet…


You get it as a random reward for Frigate missions.

You can also get them from crashed freighters. Make sure you get all 7 (6? For some reason I can’t remember) containers. I seem to always find the salvage module in the last one container I open. At least thats been the case for me so far. I have salvaged 6 of them and got 4 from frigate missions.


Got mine through frigate mission. I didnt know where to go at all for these. But where they came from makes perfect sense. Frigate salvage from frigate missions. Just before I traded the other freighter in for this one too.



Concerning this particular picture, I think I figured it out…
The actual frigate is stuck inside the boxy ship. I know because I saw one that was stuck inside one only halfways. And reexamining your picture, you can definitely see a merchant frigates upper and lower arcs sticking out of the box. :rofl:


Was doing the Atlas Path and came upon some interesting finds

image to the above


Yeah. I had the same thought. My question is would it still show the 2 merged in the second pic?

Yes, absolutely. There is no new scene created for the close-in view, it merely repositions the camera in the current scene and overlays some UI. So any objects that were there before will still be around.

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Oh boy, oh boy, look what cool thing I happened upon! :slight_smile:

Part of the front is even burried in a natural cave:

I think I’m going to build a base here…


Can I come round for a drop of lemon tea in your lemon drop home?


Sure, though currently it’s still a bit claustrophobic. Was busy putting down some wires most of the time, which turns out to be even more of a pain under water. You can’t recharge your stuff while you’re holding a wire! :grimacing:
Also, it seems I took these pictures during dawn or dusk… The ocean is usually red in daylight and dark blue at night. How fitting that it was on this planet that I found the abandoned building lore about the crimson ocean that awakes every couple of eons to eat everything. Not creepy at all…


Use camera mode when building, it helps. I am not even sure if weather or being underwater affects the player when using the camera mode for building. If it does, be at the surface (or inside) when activating it.


I believe the camera mode renders you immune to environmental effects while in camera mode.
(:warning: Not sure about when in multiplayer though, as time does not pause while using the general camera & therefore may be the same for the construction camera)
Typically, I stand indoors near an open exit anyway just so if I get distracted, the environment doesn’t get me.


Yeah, I figured that, but only after a while… :grin:


Okay So I had this question posted some time back in the forum. Here’s how i solved my crisis:

  1. The verbiage says you can get it from crashed freighters. I raided a dozen or so but no luck there.

  2. They do come in frigate missions, but that’s to few and far between.

  3. Fastest Way is to raid a Freighter group, but only the freighters themselves. If you attack the frigates or the Free floating Cargo Pods, each attack nets a negative standing with the system faction. But you can raid an entire freighter with only one faction standing loss; and easily make up to 10 Modules per freighter. Just buy them gifts afterwards to make up for it. :rofl:


All we need now is the ability to change time of day in build cam for when we’re working on our bases colour scheme :slight_smile: The nights are long on ‘Oich 55/37’


Soooo… wouldn’t you want it to look good at night rather than by day? :grin:


I’m too lazy to rig up power for lighting so it’s never gonna look good at night :joy:


Called in some backup, he never had a chance


I bet you haven’t seen one of these freighters before…

(No, it’s not really new - it’s a standard Star Destroyer, but the middle part has failed to render. Amusing, though.)