ProcGen—Seed Codes, Save Editors & Mods

Seeds within Seeds

No Man’s Sky—Where fact meets fiction… Where every potential is possible… Where everything is procedural… A near infinite universe that imaginatively reflects our own incomprehensibleness.

It is only that, everything within our own cosmos exists on a level of organization, perfect balance, expansiveness, raw power, unbounding love and assorted variety, that no inferior “simulation” can ever fully realize.

Which is precisely why so many do not buy into the theory of evolution or a simulation theory.

Engaging a discussion on the infinite nature of NMS is both awe-inspiring and humbling all at once.

Congratulations Sean Murray and Hello Games for creating a magnificent masterpiece, both artistically and technologically. For leading the future with heroic perseverance. Opening windows within windows within windows within the quiet mind. Thank you for pushing the boundaries of… “WHAT IF?”

And that's where we're all left trying to comprehend how it all works...

When Hello Games seeds the universe, they appear to have a master list of categories with sub-categories containing each item, further broken down into sub-lists of each item’s details, with each detail’s details, and so forth. - Something like that.

And thus it is fun to speculate how they maintain control of each individual seed’s details within details, and somehow retain every aspect of a seed’s original details, tweaking only what they like, as they so desire. So that a Starship or Multi-Tool can slightly change or remain the same, and yet the name too can also change or remain the same.

And so therefore, because the item names changed this time around (v1.5), just as the item details changed, I can only assume that they must have re-did the naming system, at least to some extent to warrant such a change, just as they re-did the item details.

Of course, one may argue, maybe it’s once they redo the seed’s item’s details that the name automatically regenerates as well. But here even then they still somehow retain every other aspect of that seed’s item’s details. So, why not retain control over naming, too?

I would buy that video series, even if it was completely over my head.

What I know is this… I can drop any “seed code” in any item type and it will render a unique result according to each item type. Yes, the same seed code dropped in different items: A multi-tool seed dropped in as a starship seed. And I will get a unique result.

Freighter NPC’s according to race; The same seed will render different results according to race.

And I have further found identical exotic ships with separate names and separate seed codes. And if I switch back and forth between seeds, they always remain named according to each seed. So…

Example: We drop seeds into item types, not classes. And upon doing so, we tweak it’s class, slots and stats. Like, “Starship: Fighter” or “Multi-Tool”, are both item types. “Starship” is broken down a bit further, so you can choose “Fighter”, “Exotic” or otherwise. Whereas presently for multi-tools you can’t specifically choose “Experimental” or “Alien”, but instead all types are found awash together. And every item type is randomized within seeds.

This is at least how the save editors lay it all out. And it does function this way.

And thus we come to better understand Hello Games’ use of “Procedural Generation” (ProcGen) for No Man’s Sky in the most basic form of a description.

Therefore, although we see it all organized according to items and classes, and so forth… Seeds appear to contain all core details that make an item what it is, including it’s name. With class, slots and stats reserved for “on-the-fly” randomization. The part we can tweak with an editor, if so desired. Unless we’re a modder and know how to manipulate game assets directly; Well, sky’s the limit then, almost.

And as a bonus, they allow us to rename an item, but it’s seed name still remains.

And they tweak according to their own desire, based on our wishes and where they want to go with it, releasing changes as update versions. All that within a seed, and somehow they retain maximum control. Except, they still seem to need to reseed planets and more with major updates. But they do allow us to keep our stuff, and that’s all thanks to seed codes.

So why would they ever have a problem with our cataloging seeds?

It’s at the very heart and soul of No Man’s Sky. :heart: Except that the “search n’ find” process of discovery is also quite central to it’s ethos. :mag: Of course, co-op multiplayer quickly counters that. :couple: Yes, go out there and explore, and share together…

Details within items, within seeds.


Save Editors

As of present, the most popular save editors are one by GoatFungus and yet another by Raxdiam.

:link: No Man’s Sky Save Editor – Raxdiam

These are tools used to easily modify save files. One can adjust their inventory. Customize plenty; Class, slots, stats and drop seeds. Discover stuff in the wilds, and document their seeds. Share it with others. Updates likely won’t affect it. And this is a major win over coordinates, which seem to often change per update version.


Master Self-Control

Here’s the thing: It’s almost too easy. Because save editors can be so spoiling, my suggestion is to only tap into them as much as is absolutely necessary to ensure your happy gameplay, but without removing all challenge. You know? You don’t want to take the game out of the game. And always backup your saves!


Corrupt Save Files

Unfortunately, since No Man’s Sky is created by the hands of imperfect humans, it is possible for a save file to corrupt, and a player to lose everything. Therefore we come to learn that it is best to backup one’s saves, and quite regularly. And it doesn’t hurt to document, share and stash away seeds, and certainly ones with special meaning.

Did you lose everything? Reload your backup. Or, drop your coordinates and seeds back in, and adjust your stats and details best you can remember. It’s not a perfect solution, and what coordinates and seeds once were can drastically change after an update, but not always is this entirely the case.


Popular Mods

There are numerous collections, created by very talented folks.
But as of my writing I still very much prefer unmodded vanilla…

:link: No Man's Sky Nexus - Mods and Community

I do like to tap into the save editors; but that’s just my preference.


Special Threads

I look at it like this. All this customization allows users to create the specific type of gameplay that they so desire. So if you want it easy, up your stats. You want it hard, then lower 'em. Gotta craving for something different, well then just go grab a mod. Or if you like it plain vanilla, then don’t touch a mod. And maybe not even an editor. But if you don’t want to lose that beautiful dream ship or tool of yours, and you just found another one, grab the seed code and stash it away. Now your good.

In fact, why not share it with everyone. Now we’re all good. And you always know where to turn if you misplace that code. But you see, this is the beauty of No Man’s Sky. Are mods or editors a problem? No, because they just allow everyone to create the gameplay that they so desire. And modders can express their creativity by seeing what they can add to the game. And thus it is that everyone is made happy.

And so now we come to understand one aspect of our beautiful threads…

Sharing seed codes, just like screenshots and videos, or coordinates, are really just another way to document and maintain the historical preservation of No Man’s Sky. Which means it’s also another aspect of co-op multiplayer, if we so desire.

And fortunately, seeds tend not to change much from update to update cause that’s how we keep our stuff each round. Whereas coordinates can change almost 100% entirely. However, that’s not always the case. And sometimes it’s the seed that changes.

It’s unpredictable, but even still… We come to learn that there are many ways to play the same game. Which is so awestruck it’s to the point of superabundantly cool. - Happy travels! :selfie:


You write very intelligently, @Crimsontine (What does “Valejestic” mean?!?) . . .

In places, I find you’re as verbose as myself. (In others, moreso! Ha!)

So, do you have a link to an online (e.g Google Sheet) “database” of SEEDS?
Now that NEXT has dropped, the one seed site which has images of ships searchable by keyword (type, colour, etc) seems to have lost its relevance, since the older seeds don’t appear to recreate the same looks in NEXT . . .

… or is there another, newer, NEXT-compatible repository of Seeds for NMS??

Finally, I’m curious where you write to us from . .
Just my curiosity, that’s all. Oh, and I’m puzzled by your use of “it’s” when you mean “its”, 'cuz for all your writing, it’s the one thing that sticks out to me the most: its most awkward element.
:sunglasses: :+1:

I don’t know if I should revive this topic but I couldn’t find another place to post this:

While looking for ships seeds on internet I’ve found a “ship mining macro” using AHK or Pulover’s Macro Creator, I tried to make it work because it was for a previous version of No Man’s Sky but I don’t understand these programs (and my english is bad) so I’ll post here the link if someone wanna try:

If someone can make it work please share the macro :smiley: