Do all ships have the same # of tech slots?

I think that’s the number.

Anyway, my class B ship has 23 slots, and I’ve used all the techs slots.

If all ships ha e the same # of tech slots, then I won’t keep looking for a ship with more.

Although, I do need my class S ship! Lol


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Not sure if this has changed with Beyond, but the amount of slots in both inventory and technology would differ per type of ship as well as class (C/B/A/S) and somewhat random with their specific class limits.

For a full description of how it used to be in Visions (NEXT), you can check the below wiki page:

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Until Beyond was released, I know large haulers (48 slots) could have a maximum of 8 tech slots.
The largest explorer or shuttles ships (38 slots) could have a maximum of 12 slots.
The other ships like fighters with less slots might have up to 6 tech slots, possibly something in between. An exotic fighter with 20 slots often has 6 tech slots. I would expect Beyond will keep a similar pattern to slot balance but I haven’t really looked yet if that has changed.


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