Giving Goods / Money

A quick question.

Has anybody worked out a valid way to give goods and/or money to other players?

I know you can allow other players access to your farm. That’s not what I’m talking about. Is there any legitimate way (i.e. without cheating) to transfer inventory between players?

So, say, I had 150 stasis devices. But I already had 1.9 billion in cash - so selling those devices would turn my cash balance negative - is there any means to give the stasis devices away to another player?


I figured if you looked at someone and you both did the trade gesture, a trade dialog would pop up. You mean it doesn’t?

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I don’t know. Never tried it. I don’t even know what the trade dialogue is.

Does that work?

Well I have done it…but I don’t remember how without sitting at my keyboard…I want to say we built a storage unit and I placed the items in it. Not sure about trading money.

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I’ve never been able to access other player’s storage units. Is there some special method?

Ha ha…trying to remember…maybe it was a person-to-person transfer. It was with my daughter and neither one of us can remember how we did it…must be the stress`


If another player has a base, and they “allow other players to make additions”, I bet you can drop a storage container and then fill it.

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Excellent stuff. Thank you.

So, if I want to give stuff away, I need to recruit a party first. I can’t do it with random visitors.

Once I’ve done that, we can just transfer stuff between inventories, like I already do between ships and freighters.


It’s great when you are just starting out on a fresh save if a well-advanced player gives you expensive gifts. :moneybag: :heart_eyes:
Suddenly being able to purchase a top-spec, big-slot ship early on, reduces a lot of the small inventory grinding. It doesn’t feel like cheating because you still have to earn all the tech.
Also, gifting a heap of platinum (available in bulk at various trade points) is like gifting heaps of nanites. Just plonk platinum in a refiner. Very handy when you simply can’t make up enough to get that particular S module you just found.
I’ve also successfully gifted S modules to less affluent players.


It certainly helps reduce the grind for players who really dislike that aspect.
Oh to be a wealthy, affluent Traveller…let the peons eat cake. :smile:


I meet a random British player about a month ago and we chatted for a bit. I never could remember enough of his name to send a Friend request (PS4 by the way) but after we said goodbye and he left, I had about 400 million credits compared to the 3 million I had started the game session with.

No idea how it happened, but he said he had more money than he knew what to do with, so he must have gifted it somehow.


Somebody, soon, is going to meet me, out there in space… somewhere.

And they’e going to find themselves the owner of more stasis devices than they can cope with. :smiling_imp:


I have fun giving away trinkets and stuff like that too, by just taking a chance and joining a random game. It can be really funny. Most times you spawn in a starting player zone in Euclid.

You have to be reasonably close to the other player for the Transfer Items option to pop-up. That can be a quite a giggle trying to chase the other player who doesn’t often communicate nor want to stand still and only sees this horrifying nutcase running about after them. :flushed:

It can be sillier still, if you arrive sporting a very silly player name like ‘Zaphod Beeblebrox’, something memorable and hand over a billion stasis devices. Other things a new player might need are Drop Pod navigation data things, as they aren’t always that easy to collect.

It’s also fun to drop some of those unique anomalies found on the more ‘difficult’ planets to reach.
The players will come back home to find new decorations like an Ossified Star in their ‘garden’. I hope they can pick up the decorations and move them… as I have never hung around to ask.


I don’t think you can. Unless it is restricted by network settings to friends by invite, or something like that. I have tried to view other player storage crates but nothing shows up. I guess this sort of thing could lead to the life of a Space Pirate and we all know how that life ends… :cold_sweat:

It would be cool though if you could leave something in a locked crate for others to find. A bit like Geo-caching across the stars. We could create our own treasure hunts and puzzles to decode like during the last ARG (Alternate Reality Game). I’ve always wanted to do that across the planet horizons. After all we do have exocars, lets have another reason to use them and follow a trail across the vastness of space. Perhaps I shall have to lobby HG to pursue this.