Player not even on the anomaly givin me items?

I searched for a few terms here in the forums but found nothing so I created a new topic for this. Can it be that nobody else encountered this before?

I just received some items (Quantum Accelerators) from a player on the anomaly. It has happened before, but this time no matter how I was looking around, I couldn’t find this player anywhere on the anomaly. Could it be that he or she left right after giving me stuff? How can I thank them then if they aren’t even here anymore? I feel silly. :slight_smile: Or could it be just a bug, like when past stuff seeminly randomly happens again sometimes when you use a portal?


I have had a few strange things like this happen to me as well. I think the internet speeds may have something to do with it. Sometimes it takes a long time for players to show up. Sometimes the notice doess not appear until way after the trade happens.
Or it could be someone using a duplicatiin exploit…not something I have ever done. I am not sure of how it works.


Hmm. Internet can be quite unreliable around here if it has to do anything with it, then this might be a cause.
So. A duplication exploit? But it is so easy to make money in this game through legitimate methods too. Even on survival. Why would anyone bother?
Anywhay thanks for the answer, looks like this kind of thing happens rarely though, but from time to time.


…or you more simply did not find her near you anymore… It does happen … sometimes players give you stuff without even asking if you need it . Never figured why this happen ! When the player is nowhere in sight, I generally leave a public message as I have a notification when this happens :slight_smile: Enjoy the game !

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Enabling and disabling multiplayer takes you to another lobby. Perhaps, they do this between givings. :wink:

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This is 100% people duping. Its rife, especially on consoles. Ive sat and watched players passing random items to others then disappearing.

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Save editor is so much easier and it doesn’t annoy anyone. Of course, console players do not have that option

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