Travellers Follow Me Home

This is not really a problem, so far, but has the potential to be a problem.
Somehow, while on the Anomaly, others are able to follow me home.
They are not in my party and not on my friends list. I leave the Anomaly and as soon as I exit they appear in the system with me. It happened yesterday and today.
Anyone know how this is being done?
I have noticed a few people sitting on my ship…
The guy who followed me yesterday had his ship appear hovering above my Base Computer like it would if I teleported there without a teleporter being present at my base.


Did they go through the large terminus that lists the bases of nearby players?


A true traveller has no home… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea. I don’t use the Terminus much. Perhaps that is the answer. Thanks!


There have been a couple of times where I have been back from the Anomaly for awhile and then notice a visitor flying around my system (the chances of a random find are astronomical.)

I think your bases remain in the large teleporter for awhile, which may make them available for mission if they meet the criteria (like bones, activated ores or storm crystals.)


I’ll assume that they used the Anomaly TP listing the bases of the players on the station including yourself…:frowning: