Inventory Transfer

Whenever I go to the Nexus with multiplayer on, there is always some lunatic (sometimes several) who insist on dumping their surplus inventory into mine.

They are often high value items. I imagine the dumpers think they’re doing me a favour. They’re not. It’s a very great annoyance.

Other than turning multiplayer off (which kind of defeats the object), is there any way to prevent this? Has anyone found a way to lock their inventory, so other people can’t add to it?


Griefed by generousity… We might be the first community where this is a problem :rofl:


Can’t block anyone from doing that, I suppose you could split stacks and have a full inventory when you go there. Sounds like a bigger hassle than deleting whatever they give though


I always send unwanted things immediately back . But of course, I usually get players dumping their trash in my inventory .

Its not that I want/need the generosity either. But, there is a difference with intent that matters (to me at least.)


For me, the difference in intent lies in asking me whether I would like a contribution (which some might welcome), and just dumping it in my inventory regardless, which is both ill-mannered, and presumptuous.


I agree. Again a part of the game at was not implemented with foresight. Have the developers never experienced grieffing in a game that they would miss the obvious here?

I feel locked out of multiplayer by its poor implementation, bugs, and grieffers, even though I realise it is my own choice in the end.

I can also see that people in a hurry might find it pretty helpful to foist their unwanted goodies off onto another player, thinking they are doing them a favour and helping themselves at the same time. Maybe. Giving the benefit of the doubt here.

I’d like to see two things:

  1. An npc vendor in the Anomaly/Nexus that will buy anything you have to sell, and
  2. An option to refuse “gifts” from players.

I have noticed some players have become sensitive to this issue and now stand in the Nexus calling out like a street market vendor, " Free Nip Nip Buds" or whatever they are giving away, to all the passerby. Too bad we can’t set up a shop stall for sale and trade. That would really bring the Nexus to the next level. :smiley:


@Polyphemus: I have changed the topic title to include Beyond and added it to the No Man’s Sky category.

Exactly, just a simple ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ popup would solve the issue.


It seems to me that the griefing could be mostly fixed by limiting item transfer with players in your group only.


I agree. Add that to an accept/reject mechanic and we’re good to go. :heart: