Economy sensor

Anybody figure out how to use the information obtained from the sensor to turn it into profit?

There are various items for sale now (even in quite decent numbers at space ports/stations), each of these items tells you where they would be needed most. Like a whatever Capacitor, that tells you Power Generating economies can’t have enough of them.

The trick is to buy these in bulk in a place they’re not well liked, for a nice 10% discount, and then sell them in a system they’re needed for double the price. To make profit on a nice scale, you’d need to fill your freighter up with the things, but there are a few that go for 11k base price, so that’s a good 1M profit if you buy/sell them in 100+ numbers.

And example:
I bought 40 quantum generators for 370k at a Nano Construction system. They state they are needed in power generation economy, so I went to a “power generation - balanced” system. They sell for 446k there, which is an 80k profit right there, and I was planning to go to that system anyway (black hole system). Now the price would have been higher if it was not a “Balanced” system, but one of the more prospering ones. Likewise, it would have been lower if it was a “declining” system.
Now 40 was all I got space for, but they were selling in stacks of 76 at the space station, and an odd 40 at trading ports. So if you have an empty freighter, and instead of wanting to visit a black hole, you go looking for the best possible economy, you stand to gain a nice margin.

Edit 2: The status of the system selling you stuff is also important, this limits the stack size. I’m now in a “prosperous” system, and can buy stacks of about 100 of these things.


Thanks. Any idea what the numbers mean in the UI?

Define “numbers”. I am really not sure which numbers you’re talking about in this context.

EDIT: nvm, the S: / B: codes. No, I sadly have no idea what those mean.

Sell vs Buy?

Oh hey. That sounds logical.

Out of curiosity, how does one obtain an economy sensor? No spoilers please! Is it something you get as part of the story quests? Y/N that’s (yes/no) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It does not involve the story as far a s I know. Its a tech blueprint, you can buy it for nanites from gek stations.


Indeed, just a regular blueprint. Not exceptionally common though, I’ve only seen them once or twice. (Then again, I could name a few that appear to be more rare even…) ^^

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These kind of blueprints are rarely found. Have been keeping an eye out, and just found the conflict analyzer. These will be helpful traveling across NMS.

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