Finding Excellent Freighters

With the new economic system and new (higher) prices for freighters, I have waited until now to search for an excellent freighter.

From what I have seen:

  • general freighters parked in a system only go up to 19 slots and possibly A class.
  • a larger freighter can be purchased if you help defend it from pirate attack. The best I saw doing this was a 38 slot S class (which sadly I didn’t have the 405 million units for it at the time of discovery.)
  • The wealth of a system does not seem to be a factor.

Are my observations in line with what others have seen?

Are there better ways of finding really good freighters?


Your description closely mirrors my own experience.
Only notable difference was the price of the excellent freighter after helping out. Mine was 360 Million. I too could not afford it.


Thanks for posting this.

I think I have finally saved enough units to afford a decent freighter (just under 800mil) but even when I have defended one I like the look of, the slots are only between 16-19 and kind of scattered. I’m determined to find a 38 slot so I can start building my fleet!

And I’m still in Euclid (I think --only been shoved through a portal twice by the Atlas?) Still lookin’ for more Travellers, having only five glyphs so far.


@LordMarkov , Seems correct for the most part. I have noticed you cannot use your Freighter to warp into the system to get the space battle it seems. And when I did get to fight for the Freighter even though it was a 29 or so slot freighter which is about 10 more than my current one, It had a 3 percent warp drive bonus. My 19 percent or so range bonus is a must and I won’t give it up for 10 more freighter slots :slight_smile:

It did cost a bit but with over a billion in units cost is not the problem. I am just really picky :slight_smile:


I actually purchased a new freighter last night. Finally upgraded my old “Outboard Motor” C-Class, 13 Slot freighter, (The Intrepid - Pictures in my ‘Into the Aftermath’ thread) and went for a C-Class, 24 Slot Super-Freighter.

It cost me 123m following a 53m trade in of my old freighter and my thinking was that I will command a higher trade in value when going for my S-Class Freighter.

I don’t warp around a great deal, and this is the third battle I’ve had in as many months. When I see a design I like, I’ll make a note a do the Re-load trick when I hit a battle to spawn my S-Class.

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I agree with your observations on finding freighters. Last night I defended a 34 slot A - Class freighter ( I have never seen an S - Class) and upgraded from a 33 slot B - Class. The upgrade cost was 170 million units. The truly frustrating part is that I had a fully kitted base on my B - Class. Now I will have to re-build it all again! :frowning_face:

I would recommend have at least 500 million units on hand. More is, as always, better! :moneybag:



I completely agree. Having 500 million units ensures the ability to purchase any upgrade of freighter, especially if you are lucky enough to find a 38 slot S-class, after a pirate conflict.

I was lucky enough to find a 34 slot A-class freighter after a pirate conflict for 349 million units this evening.

During this exploration before finding this freighter, I encountered the same general freighters parked in a system ( upto 19 slots/ upto A Class). Most of the freighters awarded after a pirate conflict were 26 slots and C-class.

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