Looking for some Hauler Help!

So yeah, I’m looking for a new Hauler, in Eisesentam. I’m looking for one that either Black/Dark Grey with Red of Blue Markings, or, possibly, white with blue markings. It needs to be an S-Class, (or be in a system that has High Economy Ratings), have Cargo Pods as opposed to Cargo Crates, Be fairly long in length, and have those rare active shield glow parts on it’s Cargo Pods. Also, I don’t think this needs saying, but it needs to have a 48 slot inventory. Anybody seen anything like that? Preferably in the Gamma Quadrant, within oh, I don’t know, around 50,000 light-years of The Galactic Republic of Eissentam, which is also close to the Empire of the Rising Sun, (For the record, I can’t guarantee that my Galactic Republic doesn’t occupy any of their space, but if it does, I’ll gladly start looking for a new system to base it around, so as to avoid conflict. At least, until I can get my second save to the Republic, so as to have a fleet of two Resurgence-Class Freighters). So, anybody want to help, or do I need to do this on my own? Rockatoa, Brickticks out!
P.S. I did see one of these ships hat I would’ve gotten, but I didn’t see it in S-Class, or in a High economy System. That, and I had my Fighter on my at the time, so I couldn’t make the trade. Plus, I forgot where it was.


Your request is very… specific, so I’d be very surprised if anyone has what you need here. The Shield Generators on the cargo pods alone make your very precise request a hard order to fulfill alone.

I’d suggest posting on Reddit, or at least doing a search on there as they have people sharing ships/multi-tools daily and have quite a detailed catalogue.

Good luck in your search!

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Yeah this is rather silly…the insane amount of detail is crazy and there are a lot of problems. Even if someone who reads any of this happens to have seen such a ship the odds of them remembering any of the details of the system where they saw it are unlikely and even if miraculously they do know and remember all that the odds that they’d have a portal address for where to find it are even more unlikely. In plain words this isn’t going to happen. You’re far more likely to find a system that has sch a ship by warping around various wealthy systems yourself than to find someone who has all the details needed for you to get to a system that has such a ship. I have spent many hours on each and every ship in my ship collection to ensure the best looks, S class with best bonuses, and max slots for the kind of ship with acceptable colors…but do I know the systems I got these ships from? No. Do I have portal addresses for any of these? No. But even if I did have all that you’d have to wait many hours to get an S-class to spawn(they’re extremely rare) and it defeats the point of the game…aside from the Exotic ships it’s near impossible to find or have a ship identical to that of another player unless you both get them from the same system. Five of my six sips are from the Ickjamatew galaxy(no easy way to get there) and one is from the launch version of the game since before any of the major updates…the system I got it from and all things in it no longer exist…if a ship perfectly identical to it exists somewhere nobody’s found it. Sure you can get pretty close but not identical. But that’s part of the beauty of the game…putting the time and the effort into finding best of the best kind of stuff and knowing that it’s unique and nobody else has that…unless you shop near a hub or collaborate with others for one of you to get a kind of ship the other has.

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I’ve only ever seen one S class freighter and I immediately bought it.
A discussion elsewhere decided S class freighters max out at 19 slots & that’s what I ended up with.
Like the S class exotics, you sacrifice capacity for ability.
Finding one is more by chance than by calculated searching. I’m not convinced that any of the S class appear anywhere in particular other than certain systems spawning curtain crafts. It’s a dice roll.

EDIT: Apparently larger S class freighters do exist but are only available via post warp battles where your assistance is requested. In these circumstances, its possible to acquire much larger capacity S rated freighters but the chances of doing so are extremely remote. As most players will tell you an S freighter is extremely rare to begin with.

What? No, not a Freighter, I’m looking for a Hauler!!! I’ve already got an S-Class 34-Slot Freighter, it’s a Resurgence-Class too!!! Also, maybe tone down the specs of my Hauler!!! I just want one with the Active Cargo Pods Shield Generators Piece in any color except for pink, purple, or a red-on-yellow/yellow-on-red coloration, with 48-slots, and with the potential to be an S-Class, (meaning High Class System Economy). So, does that help in any way? Oh, by the way, I’m in Eissentam, so, there’s that! Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

Oops. My bad. Should read things twice before answering. Good to see you did find the rare big sized S freighter though.

I have S-class freighters with 34 slots on 2 game saves. They were attained by the freighter in distress battles you sometimes get when entering a system. In both cases, the system economy was one of the middle types. (So, I don’t think system economy is a factor even though I have seen people post that it is.)

The best freighter I have seen is a 38 slot S-class, which unfortunately I didn’t have the units for at the time. That was also in a middle economy system.

As for the perfect Hauler for @Brickticks in Eissentam: if you were in Euclid, I could probably help you with most of those criteria for a hauler if you were close to the original galactic hub, our new ETARC hub or my Markovia in the Euclid galaxy. As it is, I do have these game play tricks that may help you find your choice ride:

  • You want to look in Gek systems. Geks get more hauler type ships in their mix of ships in a system. However, one of my S-class 48 slot haulers that has half of your criteria was found in a Korvak system.
  • You want to look in systems with high economies. This is almost a must to have the S-class ranking spawn for the ship that you want. Examples of high economy types include but are not limited to: affluent, opulent, flourishing, ect.
  • Once you find the system that has a hauler that you like with a high economy, loiter at a trade station and watch the ships coming in. Trade stations seem to have the best numbers and ship turn-over rates. Some people like to save at the trade station and keep reloading so as to respawn that initial first load of ships going to the trade station to help speed up the search.

Wait, 38 -slot S-Class Freighter? I’m confused, I’m pretty sure Freighters, even at their best, only go up to 34 slots, not 38. Did you mean 38-slot Fighter? Hmm, pretty sure that if there was a 38-clot Freighter I would have seen some images of this beast’s inventory, (or, more specifically, one similar to it). All the images I’ve seen of Freighters Post-Pathfinder have been at most 34-Slots. Oh well, maybe it was a bug, (or, rather, since it was once said that Freighters being less than 48-slots was a bug, the absence of the potentially intended bug). Oh well, have fun! Oh, and fun fact, I once tried getting a S-Class Freighter in a Medium-Class Economy, but never found it! But, I did find my current one, (which, ironically, but conveniently, looks just like my last one from the aforementioned system), in a High-Class Economy! I’m thinking that Freighters are dependent on the same spawn rates as Starships for S-Class generation! (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was something like 0% chance for Low-Economy, 1% for Medium-Economy, and 2% for High-Economy). Sigh, make of it what you will, I’m gonna go look at pictures of Freighters now, to see if there are any images of higher-that-34-slots Freighter Inventory Screens. Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

I have lucked into all of my S-class freighters in systems that I would not expect (hence the middle economy systems.)

I meant freighter…the big guys . I saw the 38-slot S-class freighter in my survival game mode not far from the galactic hub. I unfortunately had less than 200 million at the time for the close to 500 million price tag with trade-in. I redoubled my efforts to have enough units and I have been hunting for another since. I have the consolation of a 34 slot S-class for that mode currently.

Wait, a 38-slot? THAT"S AWESOME!!! Do you remember what kind it was? Sentinel or Venator? What size, small, medium, or large? Did it have any extra components, (i.e. Underbelly Thrusters, overhead Thursters, Command Bridge-like Structure? Was this after Atlas rises? Was is in Eissentam? And most importantly, do you remember the system? I doubt you took and pictures, but do you remember anything about it? OH MY G-O-S-H!!! Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

It was a triangular capitol ship and I found it around version 1.36. It was black and red in color and it reminded me of the Imperial Star Destroyers on Star Wars. I named the system “Markov’s Freighter Yards” (as stated before its near the old galactic hub in Euclid).

AWESOME!!! When you say black and red, do you mean a black hull with red center stripe, or red hull with black center stripe? Also, how many Cargo Pod Sections?