HG please, change the respawn of Haulers S-Class models

I’ve been looking for a Class S Hauler even before 1.3, and the most frustrating thing is neither the demand, but the same models appearing system after system.

Like these below:


It has the other model, with those giant side balls.

It is almost “impossible” to find the other S-class model that has those final turbines with wings tilted or not. Even with the change in economies (where in Geek systems, you have more Haulers), they are always the same models (with the square cargo compartment, or those giant balls), it only changes the cockpit and the color …

Please HG, increase the number of spawns of other Haulers S Class models!

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Class S ships don’t look like that any more. The best you’re going to get with that model is a class A. Class S ships are now very exotic - and hard to find.

Fnding a S class is a thing, but finding one with 48 slots + the design you want is… pfiuuuuuuu i don’t want to know the % of chance :sweat_smile:


This game is about endless exploration and community achievement.

I’ve got my S class hauler on old GHUB capital Drog. And it was not of oversized “air conditioner” type.
I’ve got my S class multi-tool just a day before 1.3 update was out. And just thankfully to the community’s effort on mapping all outposts on that planet.
I may continue this list endlessly.

I have my base terminus “tuned” to GHUB, Galactic Core and Pilgrim star, so that I may leverage on largest communities findings.

This game has tons of yet not uncovered secrets in a single galaxy.
For example have you seen a system with three different rare planets in it? There is at leas one out there, discovered already.

Keep exploring. Keep sharing.


This is not about “only design” i want. Why in the whole system will always appear one of these haulers that are 48 slots, like those with giant balls on the sides or with squares? That’s what I’m questioning. There was not a system I was that did not have one of these designs, or both.

Meanwhile, the third design that is 48 Slots, is almost like finding an atlas v3, almost does not exist.

I’d say there is a certain “logic” in the design of the 48 slots. Before, any ship could have 48 but now only, bigger type really have them, as the ones with balls or square. I regret my old 1.0 48 slots hauler but it was a C class and no tech slot so less big than a “small” 46 slots with 8 tech slots

This design seems less common than balls/square ones and i never find a S 48.

For the Atlas V3, since the last update we now never have an already known blueprint in reward so it’s easier to get what we’re looking for :wink:


You get your atlas V3 from Polo. That’s why it has a very low chance of being rewarded via blueprint roulette and as @kerdorin pointed out, now that manufacturing/command centres no longer give you known blueprints, the chances are slightly higher (or you can no longer get it by this means and Polo is now the only way, either/or)