Advice/Thoughts please


Hey, VERY new to the game. 4hrs in. Like I said, VERY new.
Still on my first planet, flying around and getting a feel for the game and I came across a 31 slot S class hauler (Dam +19%, Sh +59%, Hyp +30%)
Very few repairs needed and I had 400k so I swapped cargo and took it. Repaired as many slots as I could. I think it’s currently an 18 slot…
Anyways my question is… was this a good move? Is this a fluke find or is this quite common?


It’s kind of a lay-away plan for ships. It usually costs about the same amount of units to repair, as to just buy the same one. So, good move if you don’t have the units, but like the ship.


Depends how common is common in your opinion and what ship class you’re fond of…across dozens of hours of gameplay you’ll see quite a few S-class ships…but not all of them will be good and all classes have different strengths and weaknesses…apart from shuttles, those have no strengths. So it all depends on what you want out of a ship, and how flexible you are to swap between classes, and RNGesus…you might find a crashed S-class 48 slot hauler in five minutes or you might not see another for hundreds of hours.


In 1,000 hours of Normal Mode and 500 hours of Survival Mode play I have never come across a crashed S class ship of any type. So my experience would say you had a “happy accident”. :sunglasses:

Enjoy the ship, but there will be others during your journeys.


I have two 48 slot class S haulers, that I found crashed, and salvaged. Some planets (admittedly, quite rare ones), have literally hundreds of high-value crashed ships.


That ship is a good find for a starting off ship.
Next issue is repairs. I found intensive mining of Emiral or Gold most lucrative for getting the ship repaired.
If you come across a planet with lots of structures, this planet should have lots of drop pods where you get suit expansion upgrades.
Keep mining and expanding your inventory capasity and grab nanites whenever you can.
Check every space station for tech but try to focus on upgrades. Personally, I favour beam weapons.
Explore lots and talk to aliens lots.
Welcome to the forum and feel free to ask questions if you get stuck or lost.


Thank you for your feedback.
It’s worth 20m units and it will probably cost me that to upgrade all slots. But for now it’s suiting me just fine. I’m at 23 slots after a few Emril farming runs.
Also had upgraded phase beams.
It’s certainly better than the starter ship. I was just concerned that I made the wrong choice. Later in the game is there opportunity to save ships?
The game is very overwhelming but I’m really enjoying it so far. It had such a bad rep on release.


Once you get the units rolling in, you will be able to own multiple ships.

You can buy freighters!


You’re bloody lucky! I haven’t found a good S Class ever! All I’ve found are small inventory S class explorers!


When I started a new game recently, walking to my new crashed ship I stumbled upon another crashed ship; an S class exotic! Just laying there on the ground, waiting for me. :smiley:

To @Lewy_8455: getting a large-slot S class anything in the early-game is quite lucky and you should be happy with your acquisition imo…

Here’s a hint: in the early-game, you might need units for raw materials, exosuit slot-expansion and new multi tools, so save your money and only repair the ship-slots that you really need.