Trade routes, money without farming

You’re an explorer, your goal is to visit as many systems as possible and don’t want to build a heavy base to make money with your numerous biodomes ? You can get between 2 and 4M benefits by warp if you have a big ship and follow a “logical” trade route.



With trade, missions and scan it’s not so hard to earn enough credits to buy the huge freighter of your dreams.


After latest patch, system economies are not replenishing stock of materials. I checked with basic stuff like thamium.

So those trade routes probably won’t work on just a single loop of systems and would require finding several different loops of the same type.

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You can still stock pile a rare resource, (build a base on that planet) and go to different systems selling that resource, it worked for me and its how I got 8 million units really fast

Who would want to be stucked in a loop? “wink, wink…”


Trade routes are more for the trade item than ressources or crafted. Of course we’re supposed to follow different loops, not staying in the same 4 systems. If we’re in a type 1 system, we explore it/make missions, buy the best trade item as possible, move to a type 2, sale items, explore, buy etc… and after, we need a different type 1.
In that way, with mediums 3 planets systems, with just trading and scaning it’s not difficult to get 15M/jump. If you add well paid missions (250k and more) and the ones which give you ressources for the 18M items, credits are growing fast.