Grenade Launcher


Hi guys!

So ever since 1.3 came out I’ve been playing on a completely new save since I wanted to have the immersive feeling of the new story. I’ve been sidetracking big time since then (bases, guild missions, etc) so I didn’t finish the story nor the Atlas path yet but I have been doing all this so far - without a Plasma Grenade Launcher.

And I miss it so badly.

Question: What is the best way to obtain the base blueprint for the grenade launcher? I’m spamming Vy’keen nanite dealers all the time, and I purchased various upgrades to the grenade laucnher, but I can’t use them since I’m still lacking the actual Launcher blueprint. Is there a way or method to obtain that blueprint? Have I just been unlucky with the Vy’keen dealers so far?

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:


I too missed this for ages, I did eventually find a Vy’keen nanite dealer on a space station that sold it though. Keep looking, I guess!


Yea, it’s a little bit luck based.
An alternative might be to try and find a weapon that already has one installed. (At least, that worked in 1.0 :slight_smile: )


I got the blueprint as a random drop after talking to a vy’keen on a space station. I still haven’t seen it for sale…


I have not found it either. I have been using the terrain tool when necessary but it is seriously plutonium expensive to use.


I think there’s some sort of levelling thing going on. I searched for days in all the obvious places, but I couldn’t find the blueprint, and no-one was selling it.

Then I eventually found one, as a drop from the beacon of a crashed ship. But then within the next five hours, I found three more. One as a drop from a manufacturing site, one as a reward for helping out a Vy’keen in an observatory, I can’t honestly remember where the third one came from - but it seems that the game won’t make the blueprint available until you’ve achieved certain things.

I suspect a similar mechanic is being employed in the quest for the last few species on a planet. I don’t think it’s so much to do with where you look, as it is to do with how long you’ve been looking, and how far you’ve travelled. I don’t think the game will generate the last few species until it decides you’ve earned them.


get the rocket launcher


You could try grinding manufacturing facilities, but it can get frustrating when once in a while it offers the blueprint for a carite sheet! :tired_face:


But the terrain tool only ads matter, not remove it no? I wanna blast things away! I gotta check how this works :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, hence the reason for being somewhat unmotivated to go hunting for manufacturing facilities…


Right clic remove matter :wink:


I got my grenade launcher plans from Polo


To add to what @kerdorin said, @bcatrek … On PS4 it is the R1 button that switches mode.


My housemates been playing on and off with no luck finding a Grenade Launcher Blueprint since 1.2. It really is hit or miss luck of the draw type thing. I’ve come across 3 nanite traders selling em since 1.3 much to the dismay of my housemate. I had same problem with it after 1.1 for about 3 months. If you find a multitool with one already built thats the quickest way until you find one.


The actual base blueprint though?
Polo gives some upgrades to the launcher yes, but not the Plasma Grenade itself… eh… or?


I got mine from an npc on a space station also got it again from one of the abandon buildings on planets I think it really is just random