Auto targeting and crashed ships

Thanks to u/Stick89 on r/NoMansSkyTheGame

I dont know if this has been mentioned or not (search function not working on my phone right now) but finding a crashed ship has become a lot easier imo. Now as you’re flying around a planet just spam the right d-pad button on PS4 (not sure about PC control) and it will lock onto any nearby ship, even crashed ones! Now no more accidentally flying over a wreck because you didnt happen to be looking at just the right spot! Hope this helps some people!

Edit: PC controls - 1 and 3 cycle nearby ships, 2 clears current lock on. Big thanks to all PC players that helped!


For PC, which key or keys do this for targeting?

These normally. I haven’t tested this yet. I don’t think I saw them in the controls section, so I don’t think you can remap them. This will be fun on AZERTY keyboards :wink:

oh…ha, the number keys! I thought I was missing something because I also didn’t see these keys in the control config either.

Thanks for the reply!!

By the way works exactly the same one azerty without pressing shift first

That’s great! Seems they thought about those using AZERTY keyboards :slight_smile:

Nice find @gunnar … And here I was blasting foes with thumbstick precision thinking that the regenerated universe had lost the knowledge of targeting tech :exploding_head:

Also, whilst it may seem like an exploit to spam the targeting button to locate crashed ships, I would say its pretty feasible to assume targeting would work whether a ship is flying or crashed - after-all its still a ship & still has a heat signature etc.

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For the record, I only found the conversation :wink:

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I’m totally buying a junker and finding/fixing up a crashed ship and selling it for a fat profit!

Well, you still deserve the praise for bringing it to ETARC :clap: :wink:

It isn’t so much that you can “lock on” with the d-pad (you can) it’s the ship’s new pulsing radar that is always pinging. It will pick up ships around you. Always. You don’t need to push the d-pad to “find” the ship. All the d-pad does is target the ship and show the hologram. You will always see the ship as a red dot on the new pulsing radar provided you haven’t been moving too fast and the radar pulse misses it, but it has really good range. Just keep an eye on the radar. Ships appear all around, often.

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