Avatar customise

Have I missed the chance to choose colours for my suit, as I don’t know what to do to change them…is there a control button or do I have to find a place on a space station?
I have warped a couple of times in Next.


Huh? What exactly do you mean by:

I literally flew right over to the character customization terminal at the space station as soon as I read your post and as far as I can tell all the colors and species and body parts options that were there when 1.5 launched are still there. What are you confused about? You don’t know where the character customization terminal is or what?

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Hi @Linshell,
On the right hand side balcony when you exit your ship in a space station there is a console where you can change your character.
Here you can sellect through a collection of default appearances and races and then mix and match all the clothing and colours they wear as well as individual head shapes and markings.
Take your time to work it all out but it is fairly straight forward after a bit of a fiddle.

Also I believe that in Creative Mode you can build this character customization console in your home.


You can get the blueprints in the other modes as well :smiley:


Ah! I rememember now… thank you I have been wandering about like a fool looking and pressing everything in sight… thanks for the help.

Thank you I had forgotten that I had done that early on. Thanks also for that trip to the space station.