Freighter customization issue

Good solar day fellow travellers,
I recently started customizing my freighter using different colors for walls/rooms and i noticed that i can’t change the look of the main entrance stairs “block” and of the corridor walls that lead to the freighter dock. I can’t change their style neither the color.

Any help?

Thank you


Welcome to the forum @bellome!

You will not be able to edit these, as they are required parts of the freighter. It would be nice to be able to however. Might be worth a suggestion for Hello Games (zendesk). Any of the other default parts can be removed/replaced/altered. It may also be good to know you can actually place decorative items in the main freighter control room.


Thank you for your answer. I am now using lights to soften the color transistion between these fixed parts and the rest of the freighter i built. :blush:


You can also add a Frigate Control Room either side of the hallway leading to the bridge, using custom colours to further blend the 2 areas.
The wall flag/lights are another eye-catcher that helps disguise the differences.

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