Freighter bug

Posting this here to see if anyone else has had this problem:

I recruited my first freighter from a Korvax captain and crew, and all was fine. But one time when I loaded my game, the freighter model had changed, and so had the crew! They’re now Gek, and the names of the captain and navigator have changed too. They seemed to have changed to the race of the system I’m currently in.

It’s a minor problem, but annyoying nonetheless. Has this happened to anyone else, and do you know why?

For the record:
-normal mode
-I did join a friend’s game once


Same problem, though I am on pc.

Mine from my day 1 save had the Korvax grow 1m taller, and twice as wide as they were, and whenever I warped to a system the freighter’s colors changed to the color of the station. So, race didn’t change, but color sure did. I ended up using a seed to get my original red one back, and now it hasn’t changed with warping. And I found a way to talk to my crew without it moving the camera above their head, so I do that and tell myself I gave them some experimental drug thing to make them larger and stronger, to make it sound normal :yum:


The crew of my freighter changes species every time I jump to a system controlled by someone else but I haven’t heard of freighters changing model. Mine also had its name changed to “(null)” at some point but didn’t change model.

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Hmm… mine never changed model or name, just colors based on stations. And crew doubled in size

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Yeah I had the same issues as you with my pre-NEXT freighter…but replacing it solved all of that…now only the species of the crew changes. But make sure to check the names of your stuff after installing 1.54…my freighter’s name changed to (null) and everything I had named now has random procedurally generated names.

I kept my freighter and just changed the colors with a seed I found. Easy and technically not against game rules, since I was just returning the color to the original

I don’t do that…I own the game on PC but I never play it on PC specifically because it’s so easy to cheat…want 2 billion nannite clusters, press a button!! Want +999% bonuses and 48 tech slots on everything? Press a button!! That’s THE reason I have 0 hours in my PC copy of NMS and 800+(1000+ counting lost time) in my PS4 copy of NMS.

I just poured a lot of hours into an amazing lineup up 30 S class frigates(I’ll post screenshots in the freighter+frigate thread) and on PS4 I KNOW that people can’t just cheat that…can’t just quickly edit an inconvenient trait on a B class to turn it into an S class, can’t just boost the stats a bit on that lame S class that can’t break 45 combined stats, can’t just give yourself infinite units, etc.


Yeah, I avoid them as much as I can, I hate cheating. But I also find controllers very hard to use, at least for me. Like i said, i already had a freighter in red, and 6 red starships, all of which i worked hard on to get in S and max slot with that color. But when that bug changed it, i just decided to fix it myself. Nothing changed except the color, so i wouldn’t say it’s cheating. Also not saying you said I’m cheating, if that makes sense, just making sure :slight_smile:

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All my system and planet names reverted when i loaded the NEXT update. A random few were still available for naming. Is this what happened for you?

The universe was reset…this isn’t the first time that happened…it’s been done with every major update before that too. That means that while the systems you named are still mostly there, everything in them has been scrapped for all new stuff…that means that the planets you found and named are gone as are the creatures and so on.

Yeah my freighter name changed and has (null) at the end of the name too. I gotta check to see if the species changes based on the system they’re in; then I’ll file a report to zen desk.

And it was probably because of the 1.54 patch but my starter ship name changed back to it’s default name too.

I ran into this with the crew. My freighter didn’t change but the crew went from Gek to Vykeen. Summoning it in a different system seemed to fix the problem. I haven’t run into it after re-summoning it. I’m playing on PC.

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Did the crew change back to Gek or did they stay as Vykeen?

It turned back into Gek


Does anyone else have a frigate that went on a mission and never came back? I have one that left and never came back. I can warp to the system it’s at and see that its stuck there doing nothing. It’s in a panic state(red lights on) but I can’t get it back. Its been stuck since the first week of Next when the frigates and frigate missions were first released. I’ve ignored it ever sence but one of the frigate command room things(forgot the name) is permanently occupied and the location of the frigate shows up on the teleporter’s list. Wish I could go and just blow the frigate up to end it already. Lol.

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Can’t say I’ve experienced this but I have heard others run into the issue, hopefully someone has a solution for your eloping interlopers <3

With the addition of milking in beyond maybe we can slap some “please come home” posters onto milk cartons :wink: sorry I’m only good for joke solutions.


There was a way to delete a frigate via the frigate control panel on the command ship’s bridge.
On PS4 it was to hold down R3 while highlighted in the menu. Must be something similar on PC & XBOX.
Not sure if this works while on a mission though…?


Happy new profile picture day :wink:


I tried it. But no results. Its okay. I’m surr others in time have reported the same issue and it gets fixed.