Starships 🚀

You cannot gift money, but you can buy large amounts of trading materials, then meet with the recipient on the Anomaly or a base or whereever, and when another player is in proximity, they appear as a target in the menu where you transfer items between your inventories.


You can share pretty much anything that’s a game item, modules, resources, crafted items Inc fusion igniters and whatnot.

The only thing I’ve tried to share and couldn’t was creature eggs from my pets.


You can share nanites (sort of) by gifting (via inventory transfer) to someone a pile Runaway Mould which they can refine into nanites.
Provided they know what to do with it.
Or you can gift Upgrade Modules which they can sell at Space Station vendors.

I regularly gift Salvage Technology when encountering another player. (If they are using the build-bits terminal at the Anomoly, I presume they are still in need of ST). It’s also worth a bit to sell.
I collect it like an OCD obsession when exploring (as I use Knowledge Stones & Buried Technology as waypoints as I wander).
Once I have hundreds there is no point keeping it.


Yeah. Those colors … [make me] SICK!

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