The Worst Ship in The Universe


Well, they’re not obviously ugly - but I agree they must score points for unbearable cuteness.

And their stats are abysmal - so, yes, they’re admitted to the Hall of Ignominy.


the useless grasshopper


The worst stats/layout combo I’ve found.


I will accept the Hofunany. Its design is bland, and the stats are about as bad as they get.

But the Fuchichi? Terrible stats, yes. But the design is… something else. Certainly not pretty, but somehow inspired.

I don’t think I can allow the Fuchichi into the “Worst Ships” category.

I’m starting to feel like Frank Skinner here.

Those of you outside the UK won’t know what that means.


I agree the style is likable in a mechanical-spider-in-a-helmet sort of way. but those stats are soooo bad.
However, I accept your judgement :grin:


The useless Grasshopper made me feel kinda sick :nauseated_face:


So Cuuute!


Ok, I think this thread has sprung a junction! (still a great thread though :wink: - will try to contribute soon!)


Now at that scale it resembles a large/mini-sub…
I would also love if there were a variety of ‘sentinel ships’ to be commandeered in-game…


That’s terrifying!


Awesome thread, I will contribute tomorrow.


I am happy to present you this ugly wingless short tail … spaceship?
Green Class C / 0 stats / 17 slots. The Korvax that had it gave it away for free :joy:


May I present a celebration of mediocrity…


Those wingless boats are sooo ugly haha
Nice find!


Indeed mate :sweat_smile: … I mean no wings? haha c’mon! I had to post it!


I remember how horrified I was when I first found out just how junk the shuttles in general are…I mean sure they look like junk but man they have literally no redeeming qualities. Kind of how Pistols and Rifles are to Alien and Experimental weapons.


Be nice, if in future some of the less loved ships earned some great stats/slots to balance out how some of the beautiful ships have pretty mediocre qualities.
More ship skins in general would be cool. Having aged, battered & warfare damaged ships mingling with shiny new vessels would add to the realism of high traffic areas. Possibly, a terminal where your ship could get a refresh after long term ownership aging has left it getting ugly.

I think the most common aesthetic improvement players are hoping for is more variety in everything.


I had a little ship like that once. When inside the ship the view would shift a bit to the left and the camera would clip through the side of the ship. The positioning made it seem like I was in the driver seat. Made me think about how cool it would be to have a passenger seat on your ship for fellow travelers.


That is a neat little ship.


I had a ship like that too. It also threw me to the back and into the floor, like I had no seat. It was very frustrating.