The Worst Ship in The Universe


Go to a Vy’keen space port … they have the ugliest small shuttles.
It almost seems you sit on the engine.


Not the worst ship in the Universe as far as looks go, but the worst out of the five I have in my freighter. It looks like a kid fighter to me, just waiting to grow up. I use all my extra ships as storage lockers too. I need to build another base and I’m holding out until I find a paradise moon in a system with a nice assortment of planets.


Little baby man fighter


The flying banana…


And while i’m here…

The shuttle in the middle looks like it got cut in half!


The slot layout is truly awful. Great find.


ouch that is a painfully small number of tech slots


Literally, a piece of crap lol.


oh my god! ok, let’s just… walk. lol


That is actually the ugliest ship I have ever seen. You win! :gift: How does it fly? Are those tiny little wings right under the window?


It’s true, there are some truly awful ships out there. It’s a fun finding and posting them on here where their mediocrity can be honoured. I’ve found the worst ship ‘type’ tends to be shuttles…


The answer to the question about what to do with an old metal tube.


Actually… I’ll ride an exocraft.


Well, yes the little stubby wings, how does it fly? These questions are all valid lol. But playing devils advocate for the moment, I’ll post this…


But then. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse. It can’t. Can it?


And finally. Check it. It looks like something a kid would push around the supermarket…


Well, I don’t know. I think that one is kinda cute. What cracks me up is that the tiniest ships belong to big burly Vy’Keen and the huge ships belong to the little 'ole Gek…:laughing: I kind of like the small ships because I can land them anyplace. Will have to post a pic of my ugly bird but, I am playing Detroit Become Human demo trying to reach every available ending.


The return of the infamous lunchbox…


The most capable looking shuttle i’ve seen… Shame shuttle stats suck!


:cool: looking S Class