The Worst Ship in The Universe




Mrs Mad Hatter loves her little ‘S’ class shuttle for hauling trade goods. She’s got 2 exotics & an ‘S’ class fighter yet she happily zips back & forth in a hideous little shuttle. :roll_eyes:
She likes the front exit door which never does the weird in-the-hull exit of the other ships.


Wish Mrs Kryzla share the NMS love… I admit that getting in/out of haulers/exotics all the time does get a bit tedious… If only we could fill up our freighters… but then i’d just fill it with 48slot haulers :rofl:


Must stop …kzzztt… uploading …kzz ktktz… Just two …kzkt kttz… 'Rasas!


Is this in front a Parallel Port printer connector or a SCSI interface? :nerd_face:


Oh, its a 5d Parallax Port for servicing/diagnostic/recharging of ALL ship systems :electric_plug: I have submitted a complaint for the lack of protective covering :shield:



Ha Ha Ha. Truly nasty. What a piece of junk. I swear, that’s worse than the one I started this thread with.


I’ve almost always been alone on this but I love shuttles. Granted I usually don’t use them for too long in game but they have such creative designs. Also the weathering and age on them gives them a real feel. And finally when flying from within the cockpit view it has a very Ridley Scott “Alien” feel to them.

I know this was about “worst” ships, I just happened to notice the majority of them were shuttles lol


Mrs Mad-Hatter loves her little S class shuttle.
Have to agree that the aged effects and styles are very classic sci-fi. I wish all ships aged & received battle damage, that over time required maintenance.
Imagine a shabby ship going in for an expensive overhaul and coming out all shiny and nice again. Would add a sense of realism.


I’d like to be able to change do repairs, change colors, and add (expensive of course) slots to a ship. Maybe a cap limit of 5 or so? I don’t mean exceed the current limit, but just that if I find a ship I like, to be able to upgrade it and use it as a main ship for a bit longer then I otherwise would.


Litteraly, a piece of crap. As I always say… at this point, I rather walk.



I honestly really dislike those tiny boxy ships, they don’t make sense to me in any way, they are way to small to eve fit a get in there, let alone a Vy’Keen or Korvax.
With the update I would like more realistic ships. Those small ones can go away completely. IMO



And the award for making me spit my drink out laughing goes too…


Can you imagine a hulking Vy’Keen sitting in that? I have an A class shuttle and I love it for the same reasons mentioned by @Mad-Hatter.


The best part was that a Vy’Keen was driving it. A pretty small one though, but I guess that fits :laughing:


Maybe it was a teenage Vy’Keen and this was his first ride… :rofl:


For those who are still doubting, no, it is not a submarine.


Another one of those ships that I just can’t see how it is supposed to fly…:thinking: It would make a good submarine!


Hahaha that is DISGUSTING!