The Worst Ship in The Universe


Ain’t nu’tin sublime without su’tin sickenin :nauseated_face: :wink:


I think I would have to be paid to be seen in this…


We’ve had ‘The Lunchbox’ and ‘The Return of the Lunchbox’, so I now proudly present ‘Lunchbox III - The Sandwich Express’ lol


It’s a sort of super lunchbox. Fast food?


The great thing about Shuttles is hustling the sigma warp drives for repairs - like, if you don’t want to farm Frost Crystal to fix your current Sigma then you can buy a garbage ship for 0$, take the warp drive apart for 500 frost crystal and just take your own ship back. You can then repair the sigma on your current ship without having to run around to get frost.

Also, I love some of the shuttles…they’re mostly ugly but some are pretty alright. They look like the the lovechild of Star Wars and Soviet Russia.


Playing devils advocate again, I’ll post this…


Ewwww! Not pretty at all. :nauseated_face:


Some shuttles aren’t as sleek or as cool-looking as the other classes because they’re more boxy. I have a really neat A class shuttle that still rocks, and it looks all right too…
I guess you just need to look around a bit.


I looked too hard! :sweat_smile:

Not all X-wings are created equal.


Despite the weird growth on it’s back it has no tech no slots and it’s an S-Class!


Truly bizarre… :eyes: here’s a prize. :gift:


No tech slots???
Is it a remnant from before AR-1.3??
Super odd. Cool find :+1:


@Mad-Hatter I literally found this last night!

It flew in and I thought, “Jeez you’re ugly” so I scanned it and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it was an S-Class, when I enquired with the pilot and saw no tech slots present, well, that was it, I was done.


I keep saying it… but NMS STILL manages to pop out a surprise or 2. :grinning:


Well, we can’t say that this is the most beautiful ship in the galaxy either.:grin:






Space trash made into a ship


I mean cmon, that’s a shoe!


I started a new game save a couple weeks ago just to experience starting a game with all the current updates. The random ship crashes have been interesting as the number of cargo slots has a pretty wide range. Plus the cost of repairs is a big financial hit when you are fairly new.

Landing on a new planet trading post, I saw this ship and laughed at the four ‘tool boxes’ it has. Only having about 400,000 units I didn’t think I could afford to upgrade, but I checked it out anyway. It had 22 cargo slots compared to my then current ship at 29, but 9 of those were still damaged. In short, I got more cargo space with a ship trade and 180,000 units as the total cost. I named it, ‘Tool Box’ of course.