The Worst Ship in The Universe


Found a very ugly (smallest?) ship in the Universe!


No tech slots? I see the label. You do know you can swap between all the sub-inventories with left and right DPad?


I think I’m gonna hurl…


This is my favorite thread ever. I love weird looking ships! I drive this beauty, the Pelican Leaf :smile:

Always made me think of Douglas Adams, “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”


Yeah… but there were no slots…


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The Garbage Truck

It could be worse but I am still confused by how it flies with those weirdly tilted wings.



They look like jet engines do they not? But tilted in the angle they are would mean a whole lot of downward thrust.




Saw the below tiny ship land on my Freighter. I am not a fan of Shuttles, but this one looked as minimal as it can get, which aroused my curiosity.

So I checked it out, expecting it to be similarly minimal on the inside. Well, I was happily amazed to see the below stats. Even having 6 Tech slots in a row.

Not my favourite colour, but considering I am on a fresh save, I actually bought it for close to 3mil. to sort my storage issues. Don’t be deceived by looks :wink:

Starships 🚀


Tube with tiny wings.

A-Class with a terrible layout and a fitting name.


Lol it sounds like the name of some H. P. Lovecraft story.

Cool looking picture, but bad looking ship. I can’t stand the unbalanced-looking explorers with a huge engine on one side and nothing on the other.
Perhaps this ship crashed because of the terrible aerodynamics that it probably had?


All shuttles. :stuck_out_tongue:


This fighter couldn’t put his wings on the right way.


Not even r2 can save this terrible looking thing


Oh wow, first time I see an a-symmetric fighter.


Sorry if the pic is bad, I was laughing