The Worst Ship in The Universe


Those wings are really doors from his mate’s old van.


Watching this thing fly & land is just painfully awkward.


Ugly now comes with extra fins.


Found the guy that cleans the bilges of your fleet


I was so offended I followed it out and blew it up




Personally I hate that wing design because it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the explorer. On a fighter, yes, but few other classes have designs sleek enough to fit with the wings.

Is it bad that I’m drawn to fighters that look like that?


Nope! All subjective - enjoy what you like!


A strangely disproportioned fighter.


The kind of thing young drunk annoying people might sail by the beaches on a Spanish sea side resort.


Like a school bus, I like it. droppin’ the little geks off or as my son says “geeks”. :grinning:


That reminded me of this … I can’t think why LOL

British television comedy show ‘Only Fools and Horses’ made it into space!

from a website photo credit


The similarities between Delboy and a gek are uncanny once you realise they’re there :astonished:




Body is awful. Wings remind me of this actually:




image First thought.


How could anything bigger than a gek fit in this tiny ship?