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My little collection (so far)!!!

S Class Megathread

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Had a great time today just dodging asteroids just for the sake of it with ship. The only other game that I’ve had as much fun with just flying is X-plane (if you can call that a game).


Wanted to ask, was this on Euclid or another galaxy? Been sitting at those co-ords reloading to try and get the ship since it has everything I’ve wanted in an exotic!


Euclid, I haven’t gone to the center. (I’m on PC standard and I have a base by the Portal).



Anyone know where I can find one of these? Been look at every wealthy korvax system and not having any luck. On ps4 normal


Finally got around to updating My PS4 version, I don’t remember having this fighter before the update though.
Then got given a b class freighter in the style I like :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone, someplace was asking about the big 48 slot ships and wondering if they were still around

112 mil…I didn’t have enough. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for the tip on how much they are.
All 1 need is another 111,000,000 and I’m set. :grin:


I’ll have to bring my ship collection on here at some point…but I have to refit all of them with the new tech modules and I’ll wait for the efficient thrusters to arrive as a schematic so I can put those on all my ships as well…that way I’ll be able to show my complete configurations with stats and all.


For some reason I thought of sleds when I saw this on a snowy planet


After countless hours of searching I finally found my dream ship!!!



2 Explorers, 1 Blue Squid and a Multi-Colored Fighter

I’m glad you finally found it. I was searching for you, too. Was kinda hard to find, it seemed though. It’s a medium sized Explorer. I knew of a white with orange, but that one was only available as a seed (on PC).

Seed: 0xfebd6acb9e895067 - Enjoy!

Ya, there’s presently no way to drop seeds into a PS4 and I couldn’t find such a red.

Although, I have come to recall a silver with surf green. (Which is similar to the silver with blue you found.) This was in a Creative save I opened temporary for a while. I’m on PC. Looks like I still have the game file in a slot. Creative and PC shouldn’t matter, cause I’ve got the portal address. (And seeds for those on PC.) Let me sit and wait for it to fly in.

Yep, here it is; Took a while…

My character looked up right as I took the photo. Something most have caught his attention.

The ship seems to look a bit different at sunset. Copper tone, perhaps?

I took it for a flight…

Seed: 0x384EA5E184BB0C89 - Enjoy!

And as a bonus, while I was waiting, a blue squid showed up…

Seed: 0x63C98111FDA7165D - Enjoy!

And then came along a multi-colored medium fighter…

…ah yes, to be invincible. - tra-la-la…

Honestly though, I don’t play for combat. I just really like the look of fighters. They’re just so sleek.

Here you can see them all together. I bought 'em so I could get the seeds from each. Of course, the cost in Creative mode is free, which made it super easy; Well… except for all that long amounts of waiting.

Seed: 0x2A0434E4A0135CD1 - Enjoy!

Portal: 0020F82639AA (Euclid v1.5) - Enjoy!

Planet Details

It’s a ringed planet and the closest to the space station. Odd rock formations.



You know what they say about white squid, don’t you?

They’re highly reflective properties mean they stay cooler during the heat of the day. So go ahead, forget that shade tree. And take in a good long wiff of that fresh new squid smell. :squid: sniff, ahhhhh

Unless you’ve had it for a while. :mask: In that case run for the hills. jk


Love that blue squid too


Wow! The squid looks exactly like mine!