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Tiniest ship ever.


“The Hand of Madness”

I would actually take that ship camping if I had it in real life. :camping: Just needs some windows (from frost crystal) and bulky exocraft wheels (from my technician), and it’d be perfect.

Make it watertight and we’d have a submersible, too.


lol…I have one like it in my creative mode save…because in there stats and slots and everything is meaningless because everything is free, you’re just invulnerable, and constructing/charging stuff doesn’t need or use any resources so anything that may inadvertently take up a slot in anything is just pointless trash.


I agree with you. Fly whatever and do however you want in Creative. Anything goes. And because of this, Creative mode also serves as an excellent practice mode, as well. To hone and sharpen for when it matters.


Eh…not really…because you’re not actually surviving and everything is just free and you have no concept of how tough you are vs an enemy. If a tough pirate would absolutely wreck you in a few shots you have no clue in creative…and you have no concept of what it costs to attain anything good because it’s just there…for free.


It takes me three weeks to clean the rotten thing. If I’d known that at the time the Alien was holding me to ransom I might have turned him down!


Game of Life

Click if you want to read my reply: ❝Game Modes vs. Real Life❞

Ya, I know what you mean. It’s a big world out there and can come with little hand-holding.

But is life really “dog eat dog”, “every man for himself” and “sink or swim”? - The complete opposite of co-op multiplayer is PvP piratism and criminalization. Some reason, might as well drop in the big ocean and learn through “trial 'n error”. I mean, at least if we die we come back, in a game. :skull_and_crossbones: Only not so much in real life.

So we come to learn the power of parents, quality teachers, and genuine leaders.

Normal and Survival share one thing in common with Creative. If we die we come back, or we don’t die at all, but regardless we live forever. True to game. - Permadeath not so much. True to life. - And that’s exactly why I play Normal and Creative. Since I already live permadeath in real life, why not play otherwise in a game. Call it a chill experience. - Others argue otherwise. And I don’t argue back.

But every single game and every single game mode always has at least one thing in common. It’s never really “Game Over”, cause you always just start a fresh new save. In other words, even if you beat the game or the game beats you, you can still play the game, it’s never REALLY… “perma-death”.

Multi-Modes for Multi-Gamers. :wilted_flower: Only not so much in the ‘so-called’ game of real life.

:link: Collective Thought Experiment: The meaning of life in one simple sentence


Guys, somehow I think it’s time. :squid: You’ve superabundantly inspired me…


❝Some like to eat squids. Others like to fly 'em.❞

Here's every single squid of Atlas Rises v1.3... in NEXT v1.5...

Seed: 0x2ACD0E88FE6B3DC - Enjoy!

Screenshots v1.5-1.77

Same squid as above, just a different name… "The Triumph of Sleep"

Seed: 0xCB417A8D22D2CA98 - Enjoy!


Yep, these are ravenous Red Squid with long and lovely purple tentacles…

Their tentacles retract upon landing. They extend upon flight.

The tentacles do not “wiggly jiggly”. They stay firm. And you fly tentacles forward!

Oh my, that’s a lota Albuman… “Whoa, let’s not crash!!!”


Although there are some among us that have a penchant for a Pink Squid

However, I think my planet’s a little too red to render a proper pink, but you get the idea…

Seed: 0x1166FA3B17B94147 - Enjoy!


Here, let me load up a fresh Creative save and see if I can find a better planet for dropping these squids.

NM3 or NMS or NME? - "Colourless Foe Enemy"

There, now that’s how a pink :squid: should look. - Let’s carry on…


Wait, is that a fin I see!? :shark: Decided to take a dip in the water and check it out…

Click to see what lurks in the water beneath our Squids!


Once there was an octopus that pouted :octopus: in envy over a fabulous Orange Squid

Seed: 0x68552A3F7305318C - Enjoy!


But we all know that it’s the Yellow Squid that takes the :trophy: trophy…

Seed: 0xDEA9D1BBCE5DA857 - Enjoy!


Yet many a secret army swear by the power of the Green Squid

Seed: 0x8750054B5CE2A002 - Enjoy!


Seed: 0xC8F7E7EE9EF674F8 - Enjoy!


And I could be wrong, but I think this is a Teal Squid, my friend…

Seed: 0xD1CD013E0C52E58F - Enjoy!


Still it’s important to remember, that to be true blue is to be a Blue Squid

Seed: 0x9FC7E0210E50F3B4 - Enjoy!