Starships 🚀


Although I have to admit, that a White Squid is probably best, cause it reflects heat…

Seed: 0x49CCA073B888E068 - Enjoy!


Well there you have it, I located all 8 squids. If you think I missed one, please do share it below.

In review... That was "red, pink, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, white..." Did I miss any? - Enjoy!

But sharks weren’t the only things lurking in the waters beneath our squids… Yes, even squids themselves… Some eat 'em. Others fly 'em. Or be eaten… In the deepest depths of the deep dark sea!

Screenshots v1.5-1.6

Unless you have portal glyphs I really don’t see the point of this thread :man_shrugging:

Seeds are useless for PS4/X-Box players and the majority of PC players prefer to find ships rather than manipulating the code


Yeah it’s mostly for showing cool designs really I think…I’ll post mine too from PS4 when I finish building them up with tech so they don’t look like useless things but the systems they were will forever be lost to time…erased by the NEXT update from a galaxy almost nobody will set foot in…Ickjamatew.


Seeds and coordinates are optional. -a bonus.

By providing a seed, it just ensures hope, that the design not be lost forever, among the vastness of stars. Photos and videos capture what could be lost entirely to another version reset. Or could prove greatly altered. One can just sit back and relax and enjoy all the pretty pictures. Or participate. Same as within any screenshot thread. It’s a blast to share. And even funner to play. The freedom of No Man’s Sky is being able to do NEXT to nearly anything.

Except now that nearly everything contains oxygen, I find that I wish my character could also eat and drink water, but I guess that’s another subject. Grow fruit trees like mentioned in the Artemis quest-line.

Also ‘secret passageways’; That would be cool!



The large fighters remind me of a souped up hot rod. :racing_car: Vroom!
Or a custom race car - that’s begging to be flown off the runway.


I thought I would point out -

My current ship is named the “Daughter of Devastation”

It’s not something I chose - it’s the name it came with. But it’s very cool.


I thought I would point out -

Bbbbbuuuut… You’re not ‘pointing’ :slight_smile: … I thought I would point that out unnecessarily hee hee. Emotes!! Emotes!!! I expect great things from you mighty @Polyphemus :slight_smile:


All of these pictures were taken outside of (or headed to) one of my bases.

The animation for the engine pods is top-notch. :ok_hand:t2:

Planetary patrol


C-class 32-slot 13.8mil (above)


I found an awesome hauler with my favorite wing type. Nice name too.
Seed if you like it: 0x4B537C8DBDBDCF8B
The original ship was 46+4 or something; a great bargain! :grinning:


I have one just like it…nearly identical, color and all…but mine is a 48+8 slot S class…and I have a 2nd one that is similar…it has the all glass slightly more raised cockpit, and doesn’t have the flat, vertical panels in the wings…also 48+8 S class.


I thought I’d take your ship for a spin, and it was a very nice experience.

When I first loaded up it was nightfall, so I waited past dawn till daybreak.

And then I lifted off into the clouds, and understood exactly why you love this ship.

So then I blasted off into space, and exploded my way through asteroids. Great fun!


Hey a buddy wanted me to get the seed for a ship I found, being on console I have no clue how to go about that. If I got the coords could you help?
Here’s the ship


Is there any way that you can delve deep into the code to see where these seeds occur and then perhaps discern a location from it?


The best economies(wealthy/booming/high supply/opulent/ etc) have a better chance of spawning more valuable ships and better classes…on top of that the species controlling the system determines what type of ships more commonly spawn there so Vykeen-fighters, Gek-hauler, and Korvax-explorers. It’s really NOT that hard to find any top ship of the model you prefer…it’s too bloody easy…warp, look at what ships spawn there, rinse and repeat in top economies only and you can find a system that spawns an amazing looking ship of the desired model and colors within an hour or two at most.


I’m well aware of how to look for and find different types of ships, I am also very aware of the types of ships you will find and where. However, finding all the specifics that someone may be after is entirely different.

I desperately want to replace my Hauler that changed so dramatically with Next.

Here, little challenge for you then if it’s so easy.

Find me that exact model, (I’ll worry about the S-Class) should only take you a couple of hours…


My ship collection is full with all the S class ships I want(including two similar haulers albeit without the stretched out front) and besides I’m in the Eissentam galaxy so my discoveries would not help you.