Starships 🚀


That’s a cute ship, it reminds me of our starter. PM me the coords and I’ll drop the seed. - I’ll take a portal in Creative, buy it for free, then save, close the game, open the file in the editor, and copy the seed. Done!

You could give him the coords and he could do such. Or just send it to me and I’ll keep the coords private, dropping only the seed. - I’m ready when you are. Sounds fun!


I found three identical fighters in a space station. Must be the model used by the local defense force.


Adorable Starter Ship Lookalike with Great Inventory

Thanks for the fun and purposeful journey. :wink: The “forever ship” is now forever yours.

This is actually a medium fighter. One look at this hearttrob and I thought it was a small.

Had I grabbed an A or S class, it likely would have offered a 29+5 slot inventory. :+1:

Trading post and 1st that landed - C class, but was just there for the seed, after all.

Seed: 0x77858B04A218EC0E - Enjoy!


After taking the portal back home, I stopped and fed the locals, which went on into the nightfall.

Hello Games, is there any way we could bring some of these back home with us? :pray: Please!


@SingularGleam, while I was in your system, I grabbed the seed for that hauler, too.

As you can see, I actually picked up the Dropship / Hauler first. :selfie: And here they are together.

Seed: 0x942A55FEBB3C79E1 - Enjoy!



Here’s some “OLDIES” from Atlas Rises v1.3. Never shared 'em, but maybe I should have.

This is my favorite Exotic body shape. So sleek and aerodynamic. - I like the vertical, too.

Seed: 0xCA4EEF56625EEF60 - Enjoy!

The only change with Exotics I see here is that NEXT v1.5 added guns on both sides.

That was my home planet before the ‘Great Reset’. - Will I find anything like that, again!?

Seed: 0x1A7A40CE8683F354 - Enjoy!

I was very excited to find both of these in neighboring systems. The yellow one I called “StarGlitz”. Felt right. Never named the blue one. I think the floral pattern on the fin is my favorite design, almost right there with the solar pattern. And why does everything look so good bedazzled in gold? The blue n’ gold is so striking. And here too, the yellow is but eye candy. How to choose but only one?

I think I long ago outgrew my freighter.


Just after making 500mil selling some items, the below Hauler landed at the Trade Station. Not bad for an A-Class, having 48 slots + 8 Tech. So right away spend about 120mil again, trading in my funny little ship I posted images of here.



Oh my…
Those Long Nose starships!! How much are they? They look so great!!


Price is determined by slots and class…and slots are determined by the type of wings a fighter has…if I remember correctly a 38+12 slot S class fighter is around 50 mil but the wings in that picture cap at 29 regular slots so that particular model should be significantly cheaper. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve last been shopping for ships though.


Oh definitly , I don’t have a doubt about your knowledge!
Now the hard part is to catch one (:


Two on the right , yellow fighter and silver explorer are pre-technology slots ships, Darkwingduck and Madnight. Madnight is named after my daughter, sorry @Mad-Hatter, the one below might be named after your mom. I don’t mean that the way that sounds. :grin::flushed:


Mother…what a long nose you have!


My fighter has that style of nose too…and it is my new day to day ship under the new rules for tech with tech modules in NEXT. I have to say I REALLY like it though…I can’t imagine having a better looking fighter than this.


Found this on Eissentam. It shows up at the trading post that I have submitted the coordinates for. I have a little base there. Also sometimes it will show up at the space station for this system.

Its a beautiful ship. Keep reloading, and you will get it. I Guarantee you will get it at this trade post.

Happy Traveling!

S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)

@Nightazure: I have moved your topic here, as it was posted in an archived Atlas Rises topic. This topic is for any ships found in NEXT :wink:


Took this when testing for a friend. We tried on all platforms, first wave is fixed and the same for all. I know it was for pc and ps4 before, but we weren’t sure if Next had changed that.


I would trade my high finned version for that one. I keep accidentally entering the ship while building freighter rooms. Granted its a really fast way to hop in your ship in the dockingbay from above, if you get out without taking off and re-spawning your freighter you fall thru the floor and into space.

Anywho, that ship is adorable! I want it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Edit :oops ! That’s the address for the exotic @Sir_oops