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Found a fighter I really like, this will hold me over till my white/orange shows its face. Oh and my bud is an old dog, but still learns new tricks @Crimsontine
Seed : 0x664329D2F01630A7

Also in the same system - I donโ€™t have seeds but I do have the portal address if anyone likes something


A fighter, plus my shuttle.

Shuttle Seed: 0x9F2F4191F1C67277


Thank you DevilinPixy!

Iโ€™m glad there is NEXT ship topic now as I need to find all my exotics again in the future when I save up the money for them. That was one of my favorite things in the game.

:smiley: Iโ€™ll post anything I find on the S class exotics/fighters and their coordinates here from now on.


Wow some really beautiful ships you have all posted. Really looking forward to finding beautiful ones again :smiley:


Thanks for always being so helpful DarthTrethon on this forum. You always take the time to give great explanations, and I always enjoy your postings among others here.

Happy Traveling!


Hi has anyone seen a red squiddie ? Been looking with no luck also looked at this whole thread nothing.

My first post on this forum!

S Class Megathread

I moved this to the topic for NEXT, youโ€™ll have better luck getting help here. Good luck Traveller!


Thanks just realized that was AR .


Welcome to whatโ€™s probably the nicest gaming community on the web.

Are you on PC or console? :squid: I have the seed code to 2 red squids and actually every single color squid ever, but you can only drop seeds into a game save on PC, not on console. For Xbox and PlayStation, youโ€™ll be limited to portal coords (coordinates).

No, I havenโ€™t yet come upon coords for a red. But I do have coords for a blue squidโ€ฆ

Another Optionโ€ฆ

KhrazeGaming mentions coords for a blue squid on console (thatโ€™s a yellow on PC)โ€ฆ

Portal: 0096FCE25677 (Euclid v1.5)
1 standout ship: exotic squid yellow on PC / blue on consoles
2 standout tools: exp white(green fade) + aln pink/blue/brown/green(horns)

Portal: 005D03556C4D (Euclid v1.5)
1 capital freighter black/grey(orange)
Just below the old Galactic Hub โ€œSirkkaistโ€ System: Called โ€œNatergiโ€ System.

Might not be exactly what youโ€™re looking for, but hereโ€™s to effort. :vulcan_salute:


Is it ok if I also link that video in my thread about the multitools having been nerfed? It perfectly illustrates just how badly they were trashed with the NEXT update.


Yes, go right ahead. I do certainly understand.


Thanks appreciate all the info you provided:+1:


The ship they tossed at me in perma -A 47/8 and it needs a lot of work. I named it Space Milk

Introduction Thread

Some cool ships, all from 1 system, ps4 normal euclid.


Is the milk green? You donโ€™t get it from a farmer named luke do you. :grin:


I really like the new naming.


Naming convention is so much better since the update.


Whoopee! Got my first exotic S class in normal mode. The stats on them are fantastic also for damage, maneuverability.