Starships 🚀


@Crimsontine, you are a Legendary SeedSeeker.

Are you building a list? / working on “decoding” the Seeds, so we can figure out what colours (or colour scheme), which ship parts , etc?

I’m not a fan of the long-nose fighters; I like shorter “snub-nose” style.
Absolutely don’t like the “barrel-nose”, though.
Square nose is fine. :wink: :+1:

What NMS “needs” is a “landing camera”.
Think of our modern car reverse-view cameras, showing where the car’s tail would end up.
A mini-monitor, say, below the forward HUD (a bit like the little screen between your knees in Elite Dangerous) which gives us a downward view, when:

  • we are flying low enough to trigger a valid landing
  • speed is under a certain threshold
    A “crosshair” (or mini ship-shape / logo / icon) to assist with “placing” would be a nice touch.

… and then, landing where we bloody tell it to land, as long as it’s valid. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another ball type exotic in “tweety yellow”

And a crashed Rassa, marked with a com ball, ps4 normal, Euclid.


You’re not wrong, @DarthBane2016 – in fact, you’re “almost right”!

There actually is a colour named “Canary Yellow”. :slight_smile:

… and Tweety bird is meant to be a(n oddly-shaped / anthropomorphised) canary! :smiley: :+1:

The fact that your Little Exotic is that colour rather does conjure up the idea of Tweety. :sunglasses:



Found these in the last 5 days just going to opulent systems trade posts. Picture descriptions have some cords. My apologies for not having all the addresses. These are all on Eissentam galaxy.

Enjoy. I’m an exotic ship nut. And they do have great stats, and can do great damage to pirates at least for me.
My search is on for the beautiful blue s class squid ship, and the alien s class multitool in Eissentam now.


My new ride


The below exotic landed at my new base last night for 12 mil. Not too keen on the colour, but I like the design. The layout is certainly not great, but I bought it regardless …


Y’know that Little Red Car that’s somewhere up in orbit, presently…?
Elon Musk’s…
I think I’ve found his inspiration (1993!):

It also reminds me of Victoria Stilwell’s li’l red E-Type convertible… :smiley:
((* It’s Me Or The Dog ))


I’m very proud of two ships I got yesterday. One which is my favorite in the game is the Blue Squid. Thank goodness for some nice folks who have an Eissentam thread for S class ships after the NEXT update.

I got the S class fighter with 38 slots and 12 tech slots. It has fantastic stats for killing those pesky pirates. So I named it “Come Get Some”
Then there is my blue squid ship.

Took me about 3 hours to camp at the trading post for my blue squid ship.

Now going to find that elusive S class Alien 23 slot multitool I hope.


I have a question…I was on a Space Station and it only gave me the option to exchange…no buy option. Did someone rewrite the fine print?


Does that happen if you have 6 ships already?


I have 6 ships now…bummer.


I’m really hoping we can get a more friendly ship storage system. Let us have as many as we can buy - give us a terminal on the freighter/at our base to allow us to choose which 6 are active. Of course this should include the option to sell ships as well.
I know I can’t be the only one who wants to spend some of their money on something other than mats


In fact, someone did, and the reason is multiplayer. You have 9 landing pads on your freighter. THat’s 6 for you, and 3 for potential friends. Because everybody would be complaining if their friends couldn’t land on their freighter anymore because they bought too many ships.


Wish they would give us more ship slots on our freighters. And I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, but in order to get the frigate loot we have to land on each frigate? So if I have 50 frigates, I have to land on them each day after their missions are done. When I go to my fleet commander, there is no discussion when I click on the commander thingy either even when my frigates are on missions.

Sheralmyst, the only time my ship cost goes to zero is when I get a ship that is lower in cost than the ship I already have. Then it goes to zero.


That’s cute DevilinPixy,
Blue is my favorite color. Congratulations on your find. I think I found it’s big brother last night <3
I was looking for this one for a long time. Now the only ships I need are S class Freighter, and Hauler.


There is a difference between frigate missions and idle frigates.

When frigates are idle (not on a mission), they gather a resource over time, which you can collect by landing on them.

When you talk to the Navigator on the freighter bridge, you can send frigates on a mission, which results in rewards when successfully finished. Progress for frigates on a mission can be followed in the Command Room you have built. Once a frigate mission is completed, you debrief in the Command Room as well to collect the mission rewards.

Edit: When you want multiple frigate missions at the same time, each fleet of frigates you sent out, requires their own separate Command Room.


I did not know this…thanks! I have only sent one team at a time. I am so glad these missions work now. The reward can be very nice. :sunglasses:


Thank you DevilinPixy,
That makes more sense to me. I did not know there was a difference.

Happy Traveling!


I’m so ticked off right now. I farmed for this S class Hauler for 7 hours tonight.
I got it finally. Hopped in and hopped out to save. Flew outside of the space station to take screen shots. The game crashed, and now I don’t have it.