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That’s really weird… like, you lost the ship and the money? If just the ship, then for some reason it would appear that the game didn’t actually save. If both, maybe there’s just been a mixup of the active ship (though that would be weird enough in itself). Try checking if it’s parked in your freighter or shows up in your summoning list.


I just checked and indeed I lost the money too.


And you’re sure it’s not in your ship summoning list? That would be the first time I heared of this happening, and would constitute quite a severe bug.


Thanks Jedidia, When I get home from work I’ll check my freighter, and my summoning list.

This is exactly what happened.
I took a portal from some coordinates I found for this S class Hauler.
I spent about 3 hours at the trade post camping it, with no luck. I did get a 48-8 A class hauler which I bought.
This planet is really toxic and I decided to go to the space station and camp there.
I camped for about 4 hours at the Space station, and finally the beautiful S Class Hauler showed up. I bought it. I got into it, and got out of it a few times to save at the station which always in the past has worked flawlessly for me.
I left the Station to take some screen shots ( the ones I posted). I stopped taking screen shots, and I turned to fly down to the planet with the portal, and all hell broke loose. It looked like I fell through the galaxy, and all of a sudden my game crashed.

When I launched the game it brought me to the space station, and the only ship I had was sitting there was my old 48-8 A class hauler. That was indeed a terrible bug.

I was so mad but I’ll just camp it again tonight. I truly love that S class hauler, and will try to get it again.

Happy Traveling.


Daaaamn, you should definitely send that in to Zendesk. I think the report you just wrote up should serve fine, covers all the steps leading up to the issue.


Thanks Jedidia,
I think I will . I spent all night hoping for another S spawn of that hauler, and no luck. I really wanted that particular hauler too In S Class.

I’ll give you updates if I find out anything from HG.

Happy Traveling.


I wanted to add to Devlin’s comments above. If your freighter slots are all filled you have to remove stuff before collecting completed Fleet Mission rewards.

I found too that I have to go to the individual Fleet Command Room for a particular mission, to receive feedback. The NPC Navigator on the bridge gives more of a summary of frigate conditions during active missions. You can also manage to a degree, individual frigates from the Bridge panel too.

I’ve been really enjoying landing on my frigates to repair them! Lots of fun Hello Games thanks! And the scenery can be astonishingly wonderful too. :slight_smile:


When I get more into Frigates I plan on having a dedicated repair ship that I can hop around the fleet in.

It will store all materials required to repair the damaged frigates, (thus aiding inventory organisation) and give myself more purpose for swapping ships for specific tasks.


Now, while I’m quite sure that Star Wars’ X-wings were “inspired by” World War fighter planes (generally), and that many of our sci-fi fighter ships are inspired by early sci-fi movie ships, and consequently many of our sci-fi GAME ships are inspired in turn, …

Is it just me, or does this one rather look like it may well have inspired at least one of the modular designs here in NMS?? :smiley: :+1:
X-wing fighter nose (long), K-winglets (vs TIE-style hex T-wings), boxy side-inlets, angled (war-time) canopy . . .


Huh… is that wing commander 2? I don’t recall that particular design, but it’s literally decades ago…


Literally Decades is right!

… but Wing Commander is YOUNG by comparison! :wink:

If anyone remembers ever playing SPACE HARRIER ('85?) in the Video Game Arcade…
(((This one’s 17mins, but you only need to watch 2.5mins to get a full sense of it, really.))

((DRAGON “BOSS” at 3:20, though. Player makes short work of it, though. Huh.))
((“BONUS STAGE” Silver Dragon at 4:12!! He rides it and collects … trees?!?))

… I got the feeling that THIS one:
((Watch with link from 1:10, and only til about 4mins in; it’s 24mins long! . . . But from 4-5mins, you get to see the System Map bit, “Scanning”, and flagging up (RED) enemy zones.))

GALACTIC CONQUEROR ('88) was likely inspired by it, control-/play-wise.
SCORE (numbers) in upper LEFT; “hit points” (blue bar w/ white core) in upper RIGHT.

Whereas Space Harrier had things you COULDN’T shoot (and obstacles you could hit accidentally), Galactic Conqueror seemed to allow you to Shoot All The Things.

Your ship in GC could roll 360deg as much as it wanted. It could also do a “loop-back”, though a couple plays I’ve watched didn’t quite help me figure out if it’s really useful…

The SHIP from Galactic Conqueror really made me think of No Man’s Sky.
Specifically, the look of it reminded me of the (fighter) version that was shown on The Late Show w Stephen Colbert, which I thought was pretty cool… :sunglasses: :+1:

Specifically, the ship I’m talking about makes its appearance in this vid just past 6:38.
(The 4mins from 2:22 (linked) to 6:38 is mildly amusing, so do enjoy it…!) :smiley: :+1:


That’s a really smart idea to have a repair ship for the frigates.


Also thanks for the frigate and freighter information. I was really struggling trying to figure that whole thing out lol.


Well, I have redemption from the crash that cost me my first S Class 48 slot hauler the other night.
I have successfully snagged an even better looking S 48 slot hauler, this GP7 Anzaki. I have included the coordinates for it. It has the rotating turbines on the wings that I love. Both ships Eissentam galaxy.
And the redemption is, that upon landing my new hauler back to my system where my bubble base is, inside the space station another S class hauler landed, which I love as well. It is called Umama’s Decree BD1. It’s only got 39 slots, but It’s great to have two haulers. When I saw that one pull in, I quickly went on my freighter and got a crappy ship that I wanted to get rid of and went back to the space station. After about 1/2 hour, another Umama’s Decree BD1 S class showed up and I grabbed it. I have included the coordinates. Both ships I got from staying in the space station and reloading my saves.

So now I have all S class fleet, and my next big find will be the S class large Freighter, and the S class Alien multitool :smiley:

If any of you ever seen the one that looks like Umama’s Decree BD1 ship but had the spinning turbo things on the wings, please let me know. I have been wanting that one so bad. It also is a 48 -8 S class. The name of it is CM3 IGUSUKAI S class Hauler. My favorite one indeed. I am very happy to have my two red beauties also :smiley:

This is the original OP’s post link and coordinates I went to for my GP7 Anzaki. is as follows.

Happy Travels and have a wonderful weekend!


@Nightazure I’m actually toying with the idea of using a Shuttle… Decent slot count and maneuverable, doesn’t need to be tricked out and some of them do actually look good from behind, (with all the engine trails… ahem)


Said goodbye to my trusty Fighter (A-20/4)

To exchange it with the below Fighter. Initially noticed it in A-37/11, which I let go to call in my old fighter. Soon enough it appeared again, but this time A-38/12, so couldn’t be bothered to wait for an S-class.


That’s cool Oshoryu,

Now shuttles are ships I know nothing about. I will have to check that out too. When you get your shuttle, post your pics. It would be fun to see!

Happy Travels!


Congratulations on your new fighter! I have the same one except its blood red. I was lucky to get the S 38-12. You’ll get yours too. Really nice maneuvering, and great damage stats too on these fighters.


I do indeed enjoy the maneuverability as well as the default damage at 49%. Shielding is not great at 18%, compared to the default for my exotic at 55%. However, the Shield Absorb shown after decking it out with tech, ended up higher due to two additional Shield upgrades. Main reason I got it was the amount of tech slots, allowing for really good stats. Don’t care as much for the slots, as I have plenty storage with my Freighter, Containers, and three 48 Haulers.

Now I can do some really fast space mining (tritium, etc.) as well as easy combat if needed. I am not much of a fighter, but good to be able to do well if need be.

Exotic vs Fighter comparison

Yes I know I only need the Indium drive is needed.

What are the Damage and Shield default stats for the S-class version of your fighter?


DevilinPixy I will find out that information for you, tonight and post it. I actually found a yellow one tonight exactly the same as my red one so I switched lol.
And I love my exotics. I have two of the fin exotics, the blue and red ones. Two of the haulers, my squd ship, and my fighter. To be honest, my exotics are just as good at killing pirates as my fighter is.
I’ll be back!
Happy Traveling.