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Beauty And The Beast

I found a really nice fighter, but unfortunately it was a C-class with pretty disappointing stats compared to my ship. But those looks, though!




I’ve spent my nanites on one ship at a time, so I’ll give a status on the blue fin exotic I’m using to explore the galaxy, vs my fighter. I don’t lose using that positron weapon, and Man I add as much positron modules as I can find.

Here are the bare bones stats of my new yellow S class fighter called Nemuray of the Gek. I have not added anything to the Fighter at all, so it came with some really decent modules already (pictured)

Damage +59%
Shield Absorb +23%
Hyperdrive is 0. (of course I’ll add 3 s class Hyperdrive modules. Three in the tech slots, and 3 in the general.

Maneuverability is way up there, but it doesn’t give a percent, it looks to be about 78 %.

38 slots - 12 Tech slots which is awesome compared to my exotics.
Ok now I’ll give you my stats on my blue finned exotic which I did add as much technology as possible given the low amount of slots. Maybe someday I’ll find the 20 slot version lol.

My blue exotic has only 5 slots, which I have my Canmium, Indium, Emeril drives in. And my teleport Receiver, and Economy Scanner.

My General slots are only 17, but I have 3 S Hyperdrives, 3 Positon S upgrades including the positron weapon. I have my Phase Bean and my Phase beam upgrade. Those are the only weapons I really care about and enjoy for that a mount of slot size anyways. Here are the stats on it.
Damage is +42%
Hyperdrive so far is +53%
Shield is + 55%
Maneuverability looks to be approx. 75%
So to be honest, the main reason I have my fighter is for the space. If S class Exotics had that kind of space, you better believe I would give up my fighter for another squid, or fin ship :smiley:

So I’m pretty much in agreement with your thoughts about the exotics vs the fighter. Hello Games, please give some more exotic slots lol.

Love your ships too!

I hope this helps.

Happy Traveling!


Well, I found a beautiful 48-8 blue hauler. I just about dropped my teeth when I saw it land in a space station. I traded my second s class hauler for it, and I have farmed the s class version with no luck. But I love it so much, I took the A 48-8 anyways.

I have found my beautiful system, with my blue grass planet, with the beautiful planets in the distance.
Here are my ships, on my “Ship Island”

Finally after 187 hours do I have my home to build my main base.

Happy Traveling!


Thanks for the info.

Looks like a gain of 10% for Damage and 5% (max 24%?) for Shield between A-class and S-class Fighter. Would be nice to see default values for Maneuverability, but it seems like S-class Fighter equals this value with an Exotic.

All-in all, I think it’s worth trying to find an S-class fighter at some point. It has the ability to outperform an exotic on all fronts, besides hyperdrive, therefor leaving warping for exotics (or explorers).


You’re welcome! :smiley:


Thanks for taking the time for posting the pictures and the coordinates, I think I will give it a try as it seems to look quite similar to the one I’m looking for


You’re welcome Lord_Chronos,
Go to these coordinates instead. I quite by accident stumbled accross this blue S Class 48-8 Hauler tonight.
I was thrilled actually. It popped in as soon as I hit the trading post! Woot! It has excellent stats!

Best of luck to you, and happy travels!


You guys certainly don’t know, but I have been looking for the Squid Ship for ages and never even SAW one.
Well here’s the little story.

I invited a friend (irl friend) to my new system to achieve some quests togheter and have fun.
So he joined my party as I was selling some extra stuff inside the space station.

Through the audio (because we were able to hear each other), I suddenly hear him scream…
I stopped my transactions, turned around and look what I saw…

My friend is just the BIGGEST Ninja on the Galaxy.
Ok it’s fair, I was totally free to buy it for himself but GOSH!!! If I turned around like 5 seconds before the ship was mine…

That was the first time I saw a squid ship in game. And maybe the last LOL


Now you know the system it spawns in - get it!


I love my squid ship, and that is awesome that you saw that one. I’ll find you the link to get your squid ship, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the most beautiful one in the game :smiley:
Here are the coordinates for several blue squid ships and a red one too. Go to the trading post, that is where mine flew in. Put a beacon or save on the trading post, save the game. A certain group of ships will fly in. Give it 30 seconds or so, and if you don’t see the squid ship land look to see if it is circling .
If it’s not circling, reload your save. Rinse and repeat. You will get it here.
I’m actually going to go looking for that red one tonight. Might trade my fighter in for it lol.
Good luck, and happy traveling!

Here are several locations in Eissentam for the blue squid ship. I’ll post one for a red squid ship too.

Red squid ship -



So even if my friend took it, you mean that he will re-spawn? :open_mouth:

Thank you for taking the time to answer @Nightazure!! Very kind of you mate! :pray:


you bet it will respawn Arpoja. And you’re welcome! They always respawn.

Good luck and happy traveling.


Yep, there is one exotic type per inhabited system - might take awhile but it will show again




Unfortunately the store were all out of “Congratulations! It’s a squid!” balloons so this was the next best thing.

Done With zero thanks to the bus driver hitting every pot hole on an unserviced road.




Hahaha :joy:



I’ve been playing for some time now and since NEXT I’ve been using a hauler as I was lucky enough to get a 48 slots class S one. Though it is not the most beautiful ship it is great and it has been very useful but now I want to try a fighter. Looking for different models through the internet I found one I love, but since then I’ve been trying to find it and haven’t been able, so any help locating it (or similar) would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I’m looking for:

I’ve found the image in a reddit thread but since it was from a pre NEXT source I’ve not been able to find it at the given coordinates :frowning:

If it is a different color it is ok (Though I love that white and light blue futuristic look) but I would like the same body, engine and wings.

By the way, I’m playing on PS4 (Euclid galaxy) so I don’t have access to seed ship generation… So as said, any help finding this ship would be great. i will also try to publish some of my discoveries while searching for this ship.



Sure! I’ll keep that one in mind, I am on ps4 aswell so if I ever see it, i’ll report it :wink: