Starships πŸš€


yay Congratulations Arpoja!!! Its beautiful!



Happy Friday!

Was very happy to get this Explorer tonight. I have been wanting it for a while. It’s got great hyperdrive, and I’ll add to it. A nice 38 slots and 12 tech slots. I think it’s awesome looking as well.

Enjoy and happy travels! Pics and the coords included. I got this at the trading post, which is my favorite place to hang at on a planet it seems lol.



Some starships from my travels across galaxies. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just wanted to add I think Hello Games have really made the little procedural details look great in NEXT. I was wondering if it might be possible to have ships return to a space station with dirt and battle scars. Then leave again all shiny and new :slight_smile: Or maybe just start each new login game play session with them clean and see them steadily get dirtier.


That orange matches the landscape perfectly SingularGleam. Nice ship. Never saw one in that color before.


Nice pics and ships too Johnnycloud.


5 of my 6 ships are now S-class. I’m going to replace my last 48 slot freighter with an S-class one soon.

My first Hauler, S: 48+8.

My second Hauler, S: 48+8.

My third Hauler, A: 48+8.

Fighter, S: 38+12.

Exotic S: 19+6.

Exotic Squid, S: 17+5.


I got my S-class fighter above thanks to KhrazeGaming on YouTube posting this portal address and reloading the save in the space station until it showed up.

Also for anyone who’s after one this Exotic also landed in the space station.


I want that.


Twin haulers plus an exotic.


That exotic looks like the illustration from the Arg. Noice.


I hit the motherload yesterday! Got my S class Freighter finally. Got a pretty S class red explorer, and my red squid ship :smiley:

Happy Traveling!


Nice one! I have all 6 of my ships in S-class now, still never found an S-class freighter though!


Purple Fighter

Cool Explorer in the same system, I picked up one of these in a S Class.


Does anyone know where I can find this ship since the NEXT update in Eissentam called The Luminous Owl FG7. Please please if you found it, and have portal coordinates post a reply. I’ve been searching all over the web, and so far all the coordinates I’ve found were corrupt.
I had this ship in my creative mode game on Euclid and I have been looking for it in Eissentam in normal PS4 mode. I found this pic on the web of what it looks like, with it’s name.

Source (Gamepedia)

Thank you for any help with this find.
Happy travels!


Ow, you have the address for the explorer? galaxy? I have a similar one in one of my game saves would like one in another.


No problem, here you go. :grinning:

Ps4 Euclid Normal.


@Nightazure: Made a small edit to your reply to include the image source url.


Thanks DevilinPxy,

I was having trouble trying to post the url from work. I think it was because of our firewall it wouldn’t work.


The url was fine, but the actual image source url is different, because of how Gamepedia works. Because of that, the forum was unable to show a preview. No biggie, all sorted :wink: