Starships 🚀


What’s with the haulers stealing fighter wings?


It’s a bit like pickup trucks with spoilers, I guess…


The “box” nosed hauler has always intrigued me. It’s design always reminds me of a semi-truck, being able to detach the cargo compartments. But maybe it’s just the potential room for a living space down there.


I was out looking for a new exotic today, unfortunately I saw nothing I liked
, but did see a few s classes(my ps4 has high irony, it allways knows :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Euclid Ps4 normal.


I found my blue exotic that I wanted so bad. It just popped into a space station I was at. I have included coordinates. Just go to the space station. It will be included in the very first set of ships to land each reload until you get the 20 slot one.

I also got my blue balls hauler. I got the A 48-8, and will farm for the S 48-8 later. The balls have shield around them that glow blue. I really llove the look of this hauler. Description of which coords go to which ship are on the pics themselves. Both from Eissentam galaxy - PS4

Good luck and happy Travels!


Procedural generation must be into Aegis’ Aegisis Aegises.
I think that’s the plural?


I think they were all in the same sytem too, but my favourite name has to be "Inspiring Father IQ9 "
:grinning: Heaps of cool new names since next!


This fighter has the sexiest silhouette of all the fighters I’ve seen.
Comes in 38/12. I think these were kind of rare and sought after once upon a time.



This is also in the same system.



Woah that is a hella sexy fighter! <3 Never saw one with a pointy front before. I always disliked the snubnosed ones.


Some recent discoveries. I’d not seen a hauler quite like this before, but I like it!


I decided to give up my little white shuttle (not the one above) for the exotic. I shall miss the little shuttle :frowning: Odd the exotic doesn’t have the spike thing compared to the others.

It was fun when I came out of a black hole into this colourful star. All I have to do now is discover the exotic on my main save lol!!!


Yay I found one. It completely out of the blue landed in a space station I was at. Woot! It doesn’t have the thrusters but it’s close enough :grin:


Does exhaust color change when you install the different drives? Emeril, etc…


Not sure. My ships all seem to have different coloured exhaust thrust…
I’ve gotten quite fond of 3rd person view lately so only recently noticed.


My ‘fleet’ parked outside my Legacy Base.
Left to Right:
Exotic (19) equiped for exocraft deployment.
Exotic (20) My main ship: Equipped for long distance warp, pulse and medium warfare.
S38 Fighter. Fully loaded buttkicker with lots of Sodium Nitrate in reserve.
A38 Fighter. Lightly equipped for fighting but mainly for transport of valuable treasure and modules.
A48 Hauler. Loaded with construction materials for base building.
A48 Hauler. Used for bulk storage of fuel materials and products and Tritnium collection.


Still haven’t found my fighter, but here are a few i have seen along the way


What are you looking for in a fighter…?
Maybe the legion of travellers can find it for you :slight_smile:


Oh HG why but why didn’t I find a long nose fighter yet ! :sleepy:


I’m looking for this, but with white as the main color, orange for the highlights.
I’m in Eissentam as well, but if someone finds one before I do (or before they add ship coloring) let me know :smiley: