Starships πŸš€


A few nice ships from this week.

My newest hauler


Celebrating my second S-Class! :sparkles:



Has anyone tried changing ships while in multiplayer where another player can the buy/claim your old ship.
Seems to me that an abandoned ship at a Trading Post should be up for grabs.
Anyone know?


I tried it once with a friend, and unfortunately you can’t.

I even have an anecdote about it. I realised that I couldn’t pick it up, but than the ship stayed there for about 30m and suddenly he took of very slowly on the side, to finally disappear into the wall :joy:
Only No Man’s Sky create these bugs lol


My current S 38+12. Not the exact model I wanted, but definitely the right color.


I keep seeing ships with a similar design to this one:

And I keep thinking I’ve seen the design before. But I couldn’t place it. Then it came to me.


Pre-Next image

This white tri fold pictured above in Honcho’s post I’m looking for like crazy on Eissentam. If anyone has coordinates to this ship, please post, thank you.

S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)

@Nightazure: I have moved your post here, as the other topic is archived (pre-next). I included a direct link to the post you reference , as well as the image. You will have your post likely be found easier here :wink:


Thank you :grin:!

Happy travels


I’ll keep an eye on that one too! :wink:


Thank you very much :grin:



Starship Evolution NMS




Atlas Rises




Out for a Sunday fly




A hauler and two escorts:

Investigatin some spacecraft circling… something? There was no trade post on this planet.

Headed for my freighter.


My local exotic.

The exotic next system over.

I thought these things were meant to be rare?