Starships πŸš€


They are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky.


A fantastic-looking red fighter:

Some more ships I found in a space station:

Another fighter:

Formation flying!


Has this exploit been around?
Starting a new game, using the original ship, in a Space Station…
Trade your ship for a new one, walk right back to your old ship, even though it shows abandoned ship there will be a pilot in it. Buy it for 0 credits. Voila! You have 2 ships. You can continue to do this, adding multiple ships to your inventory. No freighter required.
My son has done this on a new game without leaving his starting system.


Going for a ride through an asteroid…


I have the blue squid ship in Eissentam, but am also looking for the green/teal one. If anyone finds the coordinates for Eissentam teal/green squid ship since the NEXT update please post. Thanks in advance!



Looking for an Orb Exotic similar to this, with the lower height dorsal fin & the various pointy nose bits.
Don’t mind whether it has side wings or pivot-thrusters & I don’t mind what type of rear thruster set up it has or which decals it has.
Prefer Blue or White (or maybe Red) but keen to get the silvery finish, not gold.

Have you seen one in Euclid and have the coordinates?
Please let me know.


Have you tried the NMS Coordinate Exchange on Reddit? I suggest to make use of the search as well, to limit the results.


What galaxy are you in?


Euclid :rocket:


Eissentam :frowning:









Nice blue hauler


PS4 Euclid Normal