Starships πŸš€


I stared at that patch between the landing pads and now all I can think is, β€œβ€¦ old Sega mega drive box art for sonic 2”. Same colours in the checkered pattern on the number two. Thanks for the nostalgia whuzz.





OMG, hot, super hot spaceship!
Would you kindly share the adress where I can find this beauty?

Kind regards,


I wish that I could but it’s somewhere on my backtrail and I’ve never had any luck retracing my jumps.


I ran into 3 of a kind at a trading post. I initially read the name of the ship wrong (the JA8 part I read wrong), made for a good laugh! I love this style fighter-reminds me of my 1st car ('73 Olds Toronado)


My favorite ship that I have-found it & restored it. It was originally called a Joeut (or something like it) Liberator .