Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!


I am not sure, as they require a high wanted level, which the base actually had. In ‘normal’ encounters they tend to disappear when I run off to drop the wanted level and return real quick to hopefully find one still walking about. Might have to try some more, as it would be cool, although I doubt they will return to their fold-up state.

Exactly the reason I got it, the looks :slight_smile: Plenty of them around on my home planet, but the time I bought it was because of being an A-Class with 20 slots, perfect layout, and tech. Was the 2nd ship I bought and could just afford it. See here.


I don’t think so, but there’s a way of not so stealthily roasting them with your ship’s guns (they get up in that case too, but there’s not that much they can do…)


@Argent-Star correct this was shown in a trailer but walkersbin the wild never made it to launch so we never seen this in action until NEXT

The only time I’ve seen them do this for me in NEXT was when I had a five star, and I hid, because I wanted to show my friend, who is new to the game, how fun it was to follow a walker around as it tries to run away and despawn.

The walker was in its crouched position atop the mountain I ditched it on, but it was on a weird bit of geography causing it to sorta shake so i thought at first it’s legs were just stuck in the mountain.

Said to my friend, ah crap it’s glitched into the mountain, we’ll have to dig it out.

Got a genuine fright when we approached and it just stood up suddenly, looming over us.

Very cool to hear you can find them in the wild like this too :slight_smile:

@SingularGleam do they really come in yellow now or is this a PC mod?


No mods, this is from my Xbox1x


Well… I guess I’m going hunting so :slight_smile:


That big boi was on an extreme sentinel planet - there were more walkers and quadras that spawned naturally as well.


Hmmm… Wonder if Yellow Walkers are “XBox Xclusive”? :thinking:

… in which case, have you found any Yellow Quadras yet, @SingularGleam…?? :open_mouth:

Or, maybe Yellow marks sentinels on extreme sentinel planets, only?

Cuuuuurious . . . . .


Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I have seen yellow lil guys yeah. I’ll keep my eyes out and play with some more over the next couple days - see if I can snag some pics.


So perhaps Yellow colouring is related to its Environment / Location . . .

…rather than just being “random”. :wink:

That’d be cool.
Cuz then, when we land somewhere, if we see YELLOW Sentinels, we know we need to be cautious (if the Planetary Info doesn’t already tell us so)…


The little guys look the same to me - haven’t found any yellow lil guys yet but I’m not done looking by a long shot. Frenzied Sentinels on this one


I have hit about 20 worlds so far, with no sign of the yellow sentinels - I’m leaning towards wishful thinking on my part or perhaps I was moving the sun in a pic or something. I’m still looking and playing with sentinels in hopes of finding some, the quads jumping at me makes me laugh so I’m having fun searching :smiley:


Good stuff, @SingularGleam. :smiley:
They do look “a bit yellow-ish” in your pic, compared to regular orangey… but perhaps it really is only about the larger units – being fewer in number overall, it would be “easier” to code a subset of them with (different colouring and) different behaviour instruction sets. :wink: :+1:

I guess it would make sense that the ubiquitous Floating Eyes / Drones would just be run-o-th-mill. :slight_smile:

Anyone else got some good Sentinel-Surfing pix for August?

I’ve yet to see someone “ride a(ny) sentinel” over a ravine for example. :stuck_out_tongue:
(It would take more patience than most have - possibly/probably?! - to ( a ) wait for a sentinel to be ‘accessible’,
( b ) take the time to Get On Top Of It, and ( c ) w-a-i-t around while it does its semi-randomised floating . . .)

@DevilinPixy’s capture of a Hunched (folded) Walker on the edge of a ravine was pretty cool – esp as it was “squatting correctly” for the terrain – its uphill “knee” was actually higher for having that foot higher up! :+1:

@Xion4012 has an excellent “close-up” shot of themselves atop a Walker (cut in close to a view of its head).
In fact, TWO shots; one where he’s literally GETTING SHOT. :scream: Hard to get. :+1: :+1: :+1: Very revealing…

Of course, @SingularGleam also gets shot whilst Sentinel Surfing:open_mouth: … atop a Quadra. :smiley:
A true photographic journalist – taking ALL the risks to get the Story and the Photo.
Peter Parker, eat your heart out!

@DevilinPixy’s “Here’s a Bone, now MUSH!” edit is brilliantly amusing. :smiley: :+1:

I now have a Big Question:

What’s the big, extra chunky stuff on the right side of this Yellow Walker @SingularGleam captured?!?
(Left in the image… Compare to the great views of the Hunched one @DevilinPixy caught.)

THIS pic shows the “Purest” form of Sentinel Surfing:

Wonder how high/low it is off the ground…? That’s another @SingularGleam entry. :wink:

@projectcartwheel gets THE CLOSEST WE’VE SEEN (so far) to a Space Sentinel; I’d think we CAN “allow” this kinda pic via"Surfing the ‘Wake’ of a (Space) Sentinel". Any objections? :stuck_out_tongue: Let us know below.

Got a snap of yourself Sentinel Surfing? Let’s have it! :smiley: :+1:

Peace … :heart:


Spotted this pic in The Lighter Side

Now… who’s gonna get a pic Surfing THIS not-quite-there-Sentinel??? :smiley:

Courtesy of @xdragon. Great capture! :+1:



Trying to teach the walker to surf?


LOL :rofl:
Beautiful shot… AND framed by the neighbouring planet. Perfection.

“Sir, it seems I am too heavy for the surf board…”

Wait … are you pulling Karate Kid Shapes up there?!? :open_mouth:
Or are you Jacen Solo-ing…? (Force-Control of electro-mechanicals)

(… and what’s with the walking sour-dough panini, behind & to the right?) :wink:


What am I surfing? The sentinel, or my ship?
Halfway through a battle I go back closer to my ship, and this guy was trying to fly into an intake. I guess it just got a little too attached to the ship. :joy:


That’s an EXCELLENT capture, @projectcartwheel! :smiley: :+1:
If the drone’s really close to the ship, I wonder if - were it to move away - you’d be left standing on the most forward edge of the thruster-jet intake . . . ? :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I also like your ship; it’s got a similar config to the “small” style I prefer; bubt I’m not keen on the shortest “starter-ship” nose. I REALLY like the tri-port engines in back, though – the 1-over-2 triangular layout is my favourite. :slight_smile:

Can only guess from this pic, but are your wings the medium-wide trapezoids? :open_mouth:


(Rolling the few end-of-July entries into August…) Here are my

TOP PICKS for the past month of Sentinel Surfing:

From @Xion4012, Post #2 - at greatest risk to health / life & limb, atop an ACTIVE Walker:

(See original post to view the follow-up pic, where he’s being SHOT AT!)
(Special Mention: SingularGleam’s pic atop a YELLOW Walker…!)

From @DevilinPixy, Post #6 - an attempt at Quadra direction; perhaps they need training:

From @SingularGleam, Post #14 - a well-framed/-composed “classic” Sentinel Surfing pic:

From @Mad-Hatter, Post #28 - a very tidy presentation / close-up of a Quadra,
with a rather coincidentally-colour-coordinated rider atop it:

(Special Mention: Marky’s similar pic, but with the Quadra’s REAR featuring!) :rofl:

SUPER-Special Mentions
(1) @SingularGleam - for the greatest contribution to this thread, and wide variety of pix;
(2) @DevilinPixy - for a (non-surfing, but) RARE capture of a “folded” / squatting Walker!
((Bonus – the ship she’s flying is an attractive example, in a style I like. Minus the Engine.))

… and that’s it for AUGUST! :smiley: :+1:

Which is YOUR Favourite Sentinel Surfing pic? :thinking:
[VOTE with :heart:s!]
(Voting “closes” after 3weeks of the following month: Midnight 22nd.)

Don’t forget to stop back into Post #1 for some “category”/theme ideas for YOUR NEXT Sentinel Surfing pic. We’re still on the lookout for someone Surfing a Sentinel over a gorge/chasm!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The BEST of The Best monthly Sentinel Surfing pix will be announced by Christmas!!
(Best of August, September, and October, up to Halloween; voting through Thanksgiving!)
We’re looking for Content, Image Quality & Framing / Composition, and considering Level of RISK, as well as elements which could be considerd Humourous. :smiley:

Currently Leading August (... will be Update-Edited)

@Xion4012 & @DevilinPixy* - both at 18 :heart:s as of current count @ 05 Sept. GMT
*Devi’s edited Quadra-bone pic has 22, but technically “doesn’t count”! :frowning:

… and @projectcartwheel has kicked things off nicely for the September round. :sunglasses: :+1:

Happy Sentinel Surfing! :wink:


Not a surfing pic - forgot to include it with my tai chi pose.