Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!


Your planet seems to have digiMeasles, @SingularGleam . . . :open_mouth:


Happy to say I predicted this being a feature in NEXT XD



@toddumptious - looks like you found a LUSH, VERDANT planet on which to Ride Your Creatures. :wink: :+1:

@SingularGleam - that’s an excellent “Face/Off” style pic - v dramatic. Well done. :smiley:
(PS what’s with the red things from before? I obvs haven’t explored near enough yet…)


Those measles are small rocks, they give ferrite dust when mined.



" Sentinel Surfing: In the Line of Fire "


:wink: :+1:



" I Am One With My Quadra Sentinel "

:smiley: :+1:

I like this pic, @Mad-Hatter, cuz it looks so . . . colour coordinated…! :wink:



Trying for a surfer pose

The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics

Another good pic, @SingularGleam

YELLOW Walker?!? :open_mouth: Cuuuuurious…


They come in yellow now??


Yep! They also have a standby mode if they spawn naturally on a planet, their legs retract and the head sits on the ground - neat to see them wake up


I thought that was “old”, @SingularGleam – remember one of the Early Videos, where it was A Very Dark Night, with the blue-ish / purple-ish veg, the ship was parked on a slight slope, and as the player approached, a walker suddenly stood up, and in the dark we mainly saw its Big Blue Eye…?! :open_mouth:


@SingularGleam – I FOUND IT! :smiley:

After some searching… bloody hell LOL

(In case it doesn’t embed nicely, PlayStation’s own “No Man’s Sky : Portal gameplay TRAILER : PS4” is what it’s called…)

You’ll see the EYE from some distance, to the left…

It’s at about the 40sec mark when the Walker suddenly stands up. :sunglasses: :+1:

I find the POSE it adopts, when it does, kinda funny. :rofl:


Yep! That is old I guess, pretty much the same as now - little faster maybe in that vid


I just recently noticed these spawning together with a building, all folded up and had yet to realise those are actually the big walkers. You can have a good look in photo mode while still flying. As soon as you land they’ll stand up.


Mine was right by a building as well.


Excellent capture, @DevilinPixy. :smiley: :+1:

I wonder if there’s any “stealthy” way to approach a “folded” Walker on foot . . .

NMS is kinda “RPG”, but not character-stats-RPG . . .and I don’t think there’s any option for a “quiet” ExoSuit add-on… :wink:
… but that’d be neat, if we were able to “creep up on” (and then climb on top of) a Walker. :smile:

PS - nice lookin fighter you’ve got there; like the way the 3 flight surfaces seem to “match” – it’s a good look. :sunglasses: