Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!

Welcome, Travellers!

It has been mentioned & discussed in a few places:

It is possible to jump onto the back of a Sentinel, and “surf” it awhile…!

Since the addition of the CAMERA function (incl TimeFreeze) and the 3rd-person view, it has become even easier to capture your GREATEST MOMENTS of SENTINEL SURFING!

Please SHARE your Sentinel-Surfing pix HERE – from NEXT or any previous version (please note version, for everyone’s curiosity) – and if we can accumulate a fair collection of pix, we shall put it to the community to pick out a TOP SELECTION (and, if possible, a #1 Top Sentinel-Surfing Pic). [3mo ending Halloween / end Oct.2018]

Think Sentinel-Surfing is “easy”?
Some “SPECIALIST” Sentinel-Surfing Categories / Challenges to explore…


“For Dear Life” = riding a Sentinel over a ridiculously deep gorge / canyon, etc… :cold_sweat:

“Leap-Frogging” = sequential photo series, showing jumping from the back of one Sentinel, onto another! :scream:
(Can include “fail” sequences, where you “just miss” the 2nd Sentinel; 1st Sentinel being Surfed pic required)

“Chewie! Get Down Here!” = standing atop a Walker, outside / near a Base or other Structure (also in pic)… :imp:
** Difficulty rating: HARD == if you’ve got a Walker, you’re already in deep diplo-bantha poodoo!

“Mile-High RedEye” = looking down, clocking (melee) the Sentinel, and staying on it long enough to grab a shot of its RedEye looking up at you, whilst below & beyond the Sentinel, the ground looks faaaaar below… :sweat:

Happy Sentinel Surfing!! :smiley: :+1:

Sorry, forgot 1 important point:
PLEASE can you post A SINGLE IMAGE per reply (up to 3 sequentially),
so we can use the Likes to help gauge popularity? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :+1: Thank you!
((If you have MORE, try to wait until others have posted, too – thanks!!))


Have you actually tried this? They don’t like to sit still long enough for a photo :laughing:

How many point for a shot with the walker firing his laser at me? Through his own head?


Bloody well done, @Xion4012.

You only get Bonus Points if you didn’t DIE from the Walker shooting you through itself. :stuck_out_tongue:
(There’s a whole thread for “How did you die?” …) :smiley:

I, personally, would grant you Bonus Points for being the FIRST "Chewie … Get Down Here!" entry! :wink:

Yes, they don’t sit still… Not at all!
(Please also consider posting your 2nd pic to the Hello Games Zendesk for them to consider making this impossible; imagine if they couldn’t shoot through their own heads, and they tried to twist & turn to get out from under you, or bent over to “dump you off”, as a reaction to your infringement of their “private space”?!)


Chewie Compliant

Where’s Wicket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, we’re definitely going to need a surf emote…


Ok, decided to give ‘Sentinel Surfing’ a try. Being early game on a new save, I figured to try a smaller version to not risk my life.

Cool, let’s go! … I said … GO!

Nope … not going anywhere … sigh

Oh well, I tried :wink:


Because you had to throw a graviton ball :joy:


Let’s try again!


Excellent. A new pilgrim type is born :smiley:


@DevilinPixy – your “Hi Ho, Silverdrone!” with pointy finger was a Good one.

Your “DroneBack Rider, Goin’ Nowhere Fast” was Better! (Amusing)

I’m a little stumped by two things, though:

(1) WHAT IS that thing you doctored into a “carrotbone before the horsedrone”?
(2) Did you “rouse” a Quadroney, run away to stay safe, and come back to find it still there?
Or have you discovered a DroneBug…? (Should they be standing still for so long?)

That’s a good idea, @jedidia!! :smiley: A “surf” emote / (Usain) BOLT emote… and/or a “ride” emote…
Are you the "Idea Jedi"? Or are you channelling Jebediah Springfield??

PS - @DevilinPixy, did you take the opportunity to SCAN the Quadra (& screenshot the scan), to add to That Other Thread about Sentinel Behaviours / Programming, btw?
(Saving a space for when I relocate the thread, to Edit in a Direct Link…)

Thanks for joining in, Devi!! :smiley: :+1: Some great shots!

PPS: @CuriousCabbit – “Where’s Wicket?”
Well, Wicket got away, thankfully.
However – do you see that MASSIVE CRATER in the right background?
That’s where a different Ewok used to be… :open_mouth:
(No, didn’t get their name…)

Also, using someone else’s pic won’t net you a win here:stuck_out_tongue:
(… but I’m sure you already knew that! Pics can be “quoted” / set off, too, I believe!)
Looking forward to your OWN pix, before too long! I get a feeling you’re workin’ on it… :smiley:

You can find quads on patrol. At first I thought that was only the case on high-security and frenzied planets, but I just found two yesterday patrolling a burried ruin on a low-security planet. In that case, they don’t attack, but if you go near them they stop and face you, and they won’t move until you moved out of their radius. So that’s probably why DevlinPixi’s quad went nowehere when she was standing on top of it.

The second is closer, since jebediah shares the same root as the Yiddish Jedidia when going back to the original hebrew, but at the end of the day it’s just a name.

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Just drew something real quick using Gimp. A fishing rod with a bone, made to look more mechanical and fitting by using colors from the Sentinel Dog itself.

As @jedidia already explained. I found a facility guarded by sentinels and a couple of sentinel dogs. Security level was not high enough for them to be after me. They are programmed to match player location, so wherever you walk, they will go (within a certain range). Jumped on top one of them and it would stay, although rotate to orient itself. A few attempts to face the same way and it was easy to take my time getting the emote and switch to photo mode.

For now I have just been playing, not really into details for knowledge just yet. The previous Sentinel Functions topic has been archived as you have likely noticed. I expect a lot of 1.3 knowledge to have become outdated, so I encourage to start a new topic if you wish to continue the discussion/info for NEXT. In case the info is still ‘correct’, I can re-post if you want.

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Thank you, @Jedidia. :slight_smile:
Please forgive if my question seemed in any way insensitive – this being NMS-related, NMS being Sci-Fi, and my “fav” SciFi being STAR WARS, I can’t help but see ‘Jedi’ people when I see your name! :smiley:

And now I’ve learned another new thing – thank you, Jed!

(PS - is it acceptable (to you) to use a single syllable “short-form”…? Thank you.)

Thanks, @DevilinPixy. :slight_smile:
I noted the colour similarities, and thought that was Genius, but did manage to spot its slightly-cartoon-y look to know it wasn’t an in-game asset… Only the shape (and the fact of the chosen colours) made me wonder if it was meant to be anything else “in the shape of a bone” (for a dog)… So at least now I know the answer is NO. :rofl:

@ BOTH – I haven’t played NMS nearly enough, tbh…

I’m quite “meticulous” when I’m in, and also rather an over-perfectionistic completist so I find myself mostly inclined NOT to leave the vicinity of a planet until I’ve (stubbornly?! triumphantly!!) “Discovered ALL the Things”! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sure, I may hop up to the Station, or to neighbouring planets within the system, but I’ve also got “markers” on, so I can “pick up where I left off” – and I LOVE a sky-high overview of a region, also cuz I LOVE MAPS. :joy:

… so my own “progress” has been rather slow, in the Galaxy-crossing department, let along any Galaxy-hopping! :open_mouth:


Not sure if it’s exactly SURFING but…

My new hobby is going up to a space station in creative mode, and shooting the station with the Infra-Knives and watching sentinel ships frantically spew out of the hangar.


OK, @projectcartwheel… I have an idea. :wink:

First, happy belated cakeday. :smiley: :+1:

When you draw out Station Sentinels, see if you’re fast enough to “catch up to” / “fly with” one of them, enough to grab a screenshot that looks almost “in formation”…

Personally, I really like the look of the Sentinel ships, and from 1.0x was hoping I’d be able to get one. :confused:

I wonder how many ppl have also tried baiting sentinels and making them follow you down to a planet surface, to try and turn them into a “crashed ship” site to scavenge?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:



There you go! Standard Sentinel Surfing pic!

Achievement Get! :sunglasses::+1:

Now, got any DEEP RAVINES in your vicinity…?!? :stuck_out_tongue:



Wait just a Gek-darned, Vy’Keen-pickin’ second, here . . .

Izzat thar Quadra . . . DEAD?! :open_mouth:
'Tain’t no challenge standing atop a deed-as-dowgy-doo Sentinel!
Yer s’posed ta be “Surfin” a LIVE one…! :smiley:

Well, it looks a bit . . down-doggie to me. :wink:

… and just what in tarrrnation are you even doin’ up on thar? Is you’s dancin’?! :rofl:

Good shot, @SingularGleam – very unique indeed. :sunglasses: :+1:

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It was alive at the time of the photo, see it’s blue light? It was trying to scan me.

Here’s another, they don’t listen very well :frowning: it wouldn’t fetch the other sentinel for me.