Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!


LOL, @SingularGleam,
This is underwater, I see; but is that one “felled” / “fallen”, or just “folded”?
I’m having some difficulty figuring out which way is UP! :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s folded, that’s the one I woke up to play with


Gone to pieces…

He started it, I finished it. :sunglasses:



Was waiting for this, was only a matter of time :joy: good show ol boy!


So, that’s a “dismantled” Walker…? (I don’t play with Walkers… heh…)
Surprised it didn’t explode into smithereens… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Trophy! :open_mouth:


Wait… @SingularGleam – I only JUST belatedly got “the joke”:

You’re “celebrating” an overall “Win” for Sentinel Surfing (August) with a Trophy ? :wink: :+1:
… by SURFING on the Sentinel Trophy?? :rofl:




Hmmmm, odd looking sentinels :crazy_face:


The topic isn’t board enough, blame @Argent-Star. :grin: There are many things yet to surf upon…

Waves, not one. :disappointed:

To be honest I can’t do it. :joy: I tried a few times., I laugh at myself. :rofl:


LOL :laughing:

Yeah, this one isn’t broad enough… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I was trying to coax people into trying to catch a Sentinel drone heading out over some kind of ravine (preferably a deep one) and literally hitch a ride on its back.

That said, @Sir_oops, of your pix I prefer the 2nd, and that’s an impressive specimen, too.
Your first pic, with the Living Fungi (“Oh what a Fun-Guy”, anyone?) just “felt like” something was somehow missing… :confused:

@SingularGleam – interesting colour-play with the Camera function there.
That’s probably the closest to “pure” Sentinel Surfing, as you appear to be over a valley of some sort, even if it’s not tooooo deep… :wink: :+1:


Last few days of SEPTEMBER – get your Latest, Greatest, Sentinel-Surfing-est pix in NOW! :smiley:

Can ANYone get a great pic surfing a sentinel drone, floating high up over a large valley / chasm?
Does anybody DARE? :wink:


Ok, someone pass me a piece of string, a stick and a Vykeen doll…

It’s a long way to my ship!




We might need some hacking mechanics at some point so we can subjugate walkers to our will. It’s not as convenient as summoning an exocraft, but sometimes I just don’t have the parafinium in my backpack…


That’s quite an idea, @jedidia – challenge you to Open A Ticket to ZENDESK with the concept – the worst that can happen is that they reject the notion and it never happens.

The BEST that could happen is … it becomes a reality, and all of us will know it was YOU. :slight_smile: :+1:


Think the Ewoks and Chewbacca in Star Wars!
The possibilities are endless…