Sentinel Surfing - a "sport"? Your pix!


LOL, @SingularGleam,
This is underwater, I see; but is that one “felled” / “fallen”, or just “folded”?
I’m having some difficulty figuring out which way is UP! :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s folded, that’s the one I woke up to play with


Gone to pieces…

He started it, I finished it. :sunglasses:



Was waiting for this, was only a matter of time :joy: good show ol boy!


So, that’s a “dismantled” Walker…? (I don’t play with Walkers… heh…)
Surprised it didn’t explode into smithereens… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Trophy! :open_mouth:


Wait… @SingularGleam – I only JUST belatedly got “the joke”:

You’re “celebrating” an overall “Win” for Sentinel Surfing (August) with a Trophy ? :wink: :+1:
… by SURFING on the Sentinel Trophy?? :rofl:




Hmmmm, odd looking sentinels :crazy_face:


The topic isn’t board enough, blame @Argent-Star. :grin: There are many things yet to surf upon…

Waves, not one. :disappointed:

To be honest I can’t do it. :joy: I tried a few times., I laugh at myself. :rofl:


LOL :laughing:

Yeah, this one isn’t broad enough… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I was trying to coax people into trying to catch a Sentinel drone heading out over some kind of ravine (preferably a deep one) and literally hitch a ride on its back.

That said, @Sir_oops, of your pix I prefer the 2nd, and that’s an impressive specimen, too.
Your first pic, with the Living Fungi (“Oh what a Fun-Guy”, anyone?) just “felt like” something was somehow missing… :confused:

@SingularGleam – interesting colour-play with the Camera function there.
That’s probably the closest to “pure” Sentinel Surfing, as you appear to be over a valley of some sort, even if it’s not tooooo deep… :wink: :+1: