Syntheti'Keen - What does it mean?

Hey, @DevilinPixy, I just learned a new Vy’Keen word that made me scratch my head in confusion:


I’m assuming it’s a product of some kind? I’ve never seen any of the races actually talk about products, though. So… :man_shrugging: Do you have anything like this in your database that you’ve been working on?

I couldn’t find a specific language post, so I just threw it here so you’d see it. LOL


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The word Syntheti’keen was added as a translation to the Vykeen dictionary in the Beyond update (WAR_SYNTHETI’KEEN in NMS_LOC5_ENGLISH). I do not have the alien word(s) for it (yet).

It has been present in a single Vy’keen dialogue in an Operation Centre since Atlas Rises (NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH).

Traveller anomaly approaches Syntheti’Keen. Uploading final data logs…

The word ‘synthetic’ has been around quite a while and used in the alien languages.

Synthetic / synthetic
Vykeen: Mileuksein / quzhouma
Korvax: Obekinestu / shoyarov

The Gek variant is present as well. Not the Korvax though :wink:

Synthetigek / synthetigek
Gek: Iggjalablodr / moramistuna

I report the factory’s existence to the Gek authorities. They respond with anger and fear, claiming that this complex and others like it produce ‘SynthetiGek’, artificial versions of the Gek for espionage and infiltration. They reward me for my assistance.

Friend! SynthetiGek identification test active! Remember Gek Trader helps customers!

You will also learn about the ‘synthetics’ during the Artemis storyline:

I’ve detected a Korvax installation on that world of yours – the interference in your transmissions is a giveaway. It might be disguised in the style of another species, but don’t be fooled. The synthetics delight in espionage.

The crimes of the Gek will not be forgotten! Obliterated Korvax homeworld, enslaved the synthetics and melted them down for Nanite Clusters! Their so–called ‘First Spawn’ summoned back the Sentinels with their brutality and barbarism! Grah!

You’ll find some talk of ‘synthetic’ with Atlas too.

What is learned can never be unlearned. I realize the trials in my path are all engineered to challenge me, test me, prove me worthy.
But I am afraid I have seen too much. The code that underpins the universe comes to me in glimpses, half-remembered visions.
Existence as a synthetic, governed by monolithic, complex algorithms. A program, as infinite as a universe. I am drawing back the veil on reality and what I see there is terrifying.

I’ll leave drawing conclusions to you, ‘a product of some kind’ for sure, but likely not the kind of product you expected.

Edit: Added some example text found for SynthetiGek as well.


Never heard synthetikeen in particular, but synthetigeks have been around since launch I think.
There’s not too much information other than “thay exist”. I think DevlinPiky posted about all there is.
In my interpretation, they’re basically replicants, just for Gek, or, in this case, Vy’keen. Would make sense that they are around for both species.

What I’m not sure about is who makes them. I always thought that Synthetigek were originally invented by the korvax to infiltrate first spawn society, but I don’t think that’s actually confirmed by the lore. It0s just something that made sense to me.


Thats my take on them too.