What do you think? Polls!

Hi guys and gals!
Just find out through advanced training we can make polls…
Feel free to post yours!
It could help us in the future when we’ll have a community decision to make… such as…
Pink! Or 16… What do you think, @moulesmariner :wink: ?

Here’s first one:
Which one is your favorite?

  • Fourth race
  • Gek
  • Korvax
  • Vy’keen

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Gek doesn’t get any respect


I am a scientist and I wanted so badly to feel closer to the Korvax.
But after 300h in the “Mercury Process” and reading the stories, I actually feel closer to the Vy’Keen, it’s also the language I know better.

(assuming “favourite” in the question was not only talking about the skin/aspect, because apart from a potential concept-art, we don’t know much about the 4th race yet).


I’m all for the shifty little guys and their naked primitive brethren


Hey me too, I’m also a scientist IRL but I just liked the Vy’keen way more! Grah!


What! No love for the sentinels? They don’t even get a mention :frowning:

I don’t see a thumbs down button anywhere on here… :smile:

I despise the Gek but I chose them anyway. They’re just SO cute looking but have such a violent history it feels like they can pounce on you at any moment and peck frantically at your innards.

They’re like gremlins man.

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I feel like the Gek first spawn where like an extremist group, and that otherwise they are friendly, don’t some excrete a smell for your enjoyment?(right?)


I always took the smell excretions as, please leave. “Here, have a sweet smell for your enjoyment/s” They’re so passive aggressive them gek XD I know thats not the case there I just choose to see it that way in my island universe haha

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I feel bad that the Gek are so low. They are my second favorite after the Korvax. My freighter is crewed by Gek (mainly because I couldn’t turn down having a freighter captain named Art). Gek was also the easiest language to learn because before one of the updates they would give you more carbon than you gave them to talk to them.


Gek used to be my favorite, because they always seemed so happy when you approached them. But I just can’t get over the lore surrounding their past, that was just brutal.

I am not attacking you, just offering a counter point, so that is like saying that you are still mad at Germany, 70 years later, for starting World War Two


That Gek happy scent is the best. They probably chilled right out with their galactic conquest after they discovered geknip.


First off I’m not mad at Germany, but a lot more information was brought up about the way the German’s were coerced into allowing the Nazi Party to take power. I do know we are dealing with the traders/not so hostile Gek in the game and that most of if not all the first spawn are dead. I do see the comparison you are trying to make between Gek Traders vs. First Spawn and Germans vs. members of the Nazi Party. Unfortunately, we don’t have as much information of how they came to power as we do with Germany in WWII. Is it instinctual or were they coerced like the Germans? We just don’t know. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m mad at the Gek, I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. But yes it does paint a different picture of who the Gek are, the size of their force, and what they are capable of doing with such force. I have no reason to be mad at the Gek and I’m not, but the visualization of innocence is gone. I wouldn’t even say I like them any less (the traders at least), but now I tend to side more with the Korvax.

I know your not attacking me and I actually had fun breaking that down, but yes I tend root for the underdog.


Don’t know enough about the 4th Race yet so I’m going with the Korvax :slight_smile:

I originally chose Korvax, and they are my fave of the races. But I noticed you can change your vote so I went with the Gek because they were last place when I voted before.

I must admit that when I reviewed their history, I was reminded of what bloodthirsty bastids they were, the First Spawn basically waging a genocidal war against the entire Euclid galaxy while the Vy’keen were caught up in their own war with the Sentinels. But I’m also a creature who understands the nature of repentance. You have to remember that when the Gek finally began to consider the Korvax philosophy, maybe when they encountered an Atlas Station, they saw the light of understanding. They realized that what they were doing was wrong, and tried to get their fellows to stop their conquest and genocide. When the rest of the First Spawn rejected them, they knew that they had no alternative than to wage a civil war and did everything they could to erase the First Spawn from the universe. Since then, they have been meek traders and merchants, a happier polar opposite to their logical Korvax allies. The Korvax hold no grudge, and they sure have a right to, so I don’t either. And the Korvax have the right idea. If we never let go of past evils, the universe is doomed to endure an eternity of conflict and war, and the honor bound Vy’keen may see to it that we get one.


We are all wearing our CSD badges with pride, so I guess it makes sense Korvax is most popular here…

yea it says they excrete some sweet smell that makes you yearn for a place you have not seen or something like that at least that’s what it said to me earlier today

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Yeah, they drop some scent bombs to convey some emotions to each other. I always found that a bit awkward but endearing of them.