Enemies in No Man's Sky (SPOLIERS!)

I have said a few times that I think the game could use a focused enemy (or enemy race) to draw more interest by exciting the story.

With the original lore it was the Gek First Spawn in earlier times. The sentinels were (and are) more of a neutral obstacle to civilization as a variant of nature’s wrath.

With the new lore we have an expiration date. However, it seems there may be a mysterious RL person and an underlying code unseen by the Atlas that are projected to affect things to come. I have suggested that this may be a deliberate kill-code or virus introduced to the system

And I am sure that @zsigmond will say we already have Emily as the big bad. :grinning:

But, it occurred to me that we may have already seen the enemy to come (the tool the virus uses in other words). Given the story of the Gek First Spawn, I see it highly probable that a section of the First Spawn strategically did what they always do when facing a threat. I suspect they hid deep in the simulation when the Korvax “conversion” was occurring and could not be stopped. (Plus this would be an easier way to program a new threat.)



There have been numerous hints regarding problems with water - “we drank the water”, “do not trust the water”, etc.

Abyss also appears to exist underwater.

The Gek were originally a gentle and kind race. But something happened to their water supply, and they became unable to breed.

They instituted experimental breeding programmes, and to some extent, solved the problem. They could breed once more, but the result was the First Swarm. A corrupt, violent, and dangerous variant of the originals.

There is certainly something in the game that hasn’t yet been fully revealed. And the Gek (or their history) may indeed be part of the key.


Hopefully it’s something connected to the tentacled slimey beings that inhabit some of the abandoned buildings. They look quite aquatic and not much is mentioned about them outside their story arc.


go find the towers that were use in the Artemis quest.
I did and I now realize that I did not write down what was said.
I has something to do with the Vy’keen
i am in the process of heading to a new center.


Add to that, WHOIS GEK still yields no result on WT


Awesome! I had forgotten about this new piece of lore.

When you include the piece about the contaminants in the water and that we (travelers) seem to never take our suits off…and when we do turn into apparent physical abborations (to tie in what @oshoryu just brought up), it seems that the “virus” may already be in place.

The action of the Korvax using their nanite blood to correct the issue then may make more sense. Nanite clusters may be Atlas’ way to combat this problem…it is the currency for knowledge in the NMS universe. It is the common thread for understanding shared by all 4 (current) races.

So to loop those facts back to the question of residual Gek First Spawn biding their time and waiting to strike again, I could conceive of a place unfound/ unknown where the flow of nanite clusters has not reached or has been prevented.


Spooky, its almost as if they are waiting to put a true description later in the ARG…


Or the Gek have another name we don’t know?