Datamining(Maximum Spoilers)

I realised that there wasn’t a section for datamined information. As far as I know, there isnt any good sources to find datamined info online, many of them are spread out and lost in various topics, websites, youtube videos, discord chats, etc. If you have any datamined info or found any new(unused) game assets, feel free to drop them here.

If you know of anyone else who is looking for datamined info, guide them here.


Here is a cleaned up version of the libraries : Not done manually so might be errors:


So I have not yet read the whole thing but i’ve read only a few at random. I hope this is lore that is foreshadowing future content. I mean,

  1. Pets and porwiggles.
    We are aware of “pets” in the code and one of the archive lore mentions “porwoggles” that I am assuming are Gek babies? And we, the player, then takes the babies and keep them as pets? Interesting. It was also interesting that they made that archive lore log a classic text-based game(a very short one though).

  2. More Hirk lore.
    Hirk was a pirate?(or hired some pirates at one point?) And goes into the abyss in a boat(references a “mast” from a ship that he tied a gek to). This also confirms that the Abyss is underwater after all. There was mention that the abyss is under the waves.


It’s all very interesting. I found : "I see a trillion Korvax bowing before a spherical mass, living, biological ships orbiting the sentient world. " very interesting. Considering the Image for the update with a large planet, and living ship etc…And called origins… hope it leads to something cool.

One of the last weekend messages we had was about the Abyss spreading, and now we have infested worlds… so Lore is coming.


Yea. Something big is being foreshadowed. The last text of the vykeen mentions that the existence of an ecclesiastical college(that i am assuming was a secret society?) is now common knowledge. And mentions a planet(or somewhere, but likely a planet) that cannot be spoken about for fear of a horrible death. but it is named “Dryn’dargh”. It sounds like it was Hirk’s home planet? He said that he will return there, but that was right after he killed himself as tradition after living a long life and getting old? Im a bit confused there.

I saw Asteria mentioned too. She(im going to call Asteria a girl) was a hero, a master of “The blades of Hirk”. She is dead apparently? And I saw the mention of Aeron, created by the atlas and sounds like a bad guy. And then there is another place called “Atlantid”.

Oh, and there is a space religion now? Not sure if its related to the ecclesiastical college but there was mention that Nal now sits on the right hand of god? Im assuming the god mentioned is the atlas?

This Lore is getting deep. Too much to read right now. Ill read it from begining to end later on.


That part about Nal sitting at the right hand of god, I read it at one of the new giant buildings. It sounds like a lot of the new lore you all are reading is currently available in-game at these new buildings.


This has piqued my interest. If you follow my work you know I am a lore buff. I’ve decided to record every giant building lore entry in a video for posterity. You’ll find the videos in the playlist below. Check back regularly as more entries will be added to it often.


Yes. This is all the Archive building text in one spot. For those who want to see it all.


It is also being compiled in text in the Celestial Archives thread as people post their finds their.


Added your discoveries to the catalogue in the Celestial Archives topic.

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I’ve been looking into the Section Added in the save file for SeasonalGameMode_Data, I believe it was added with Desolation, and assumed it had something to do with Freighter missions added, but the name made me curious as SEAN seems to refer to the missions as seasons.

So looking at the MBIN structure & Save JSON closer, it appears to contain a start and end time, a title etc. Has a value indicating if your ship starts damaged etc…so I pulled apart the default.mbin… not much in clues as they are just place holder descriptions.

<Title_Localized>// CRIMINAL // STARSHIPS // CONTRABAND //</Title_Localized>
<Subtitle_Localized>Tag all ships</Subtitle_Localized>

It might just be away to store the current multiplayer mission data. It also seems to flag a game mode (ala Normal, Survival, Creative etc) but as Seasonal… I don’t know if the weekend missions etc also trigger this special mode…but it seems unlikley. Im starting to wonder if this is actually a new mode of play or if it just flags multiplayer. Anyone else look into this?


Asteria reminds me of the stars. Aeron of the air. And Atlantid of Atlantis, an underwater city.

Maybe no connection, but OTOH, …

Love the added lore.


I need to get NMS on PC soon and start doing the digging myself. Currently I dig through the internet and its not at all easy and very few put the data up.

With that said, someone mentioned that in one of the recent updates HG added in the backend the ability to add and take away entire planets and everything on them as well. With this ability, I imagine that they could add new places such as “the void” for a season event and then take it away or change it. Perhaps creating an ever-changing environment? Thats just wild speculation. But it would be possible.


Added to the catalogue.
Interesting that the singular and plural versions of a word yield different lore. Makes sense where the Korvax are concerned.


Never thought to post this previously, but here is all the Language Entries Added :
(XML Generated, too Lazy to write Separate txt Cleanup version) but posted incase people are curious.

*I found the itemgen stuff kind of interesting.

BAH…OCD again lol:

TXT Version


New strings Added: Oct Spooky:



All new icons added:

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So is that a new alien head for us to use? Looks like the critters on the Derelict Freighters


yup sure is. 3200 of the new metal curency